New Zoho Projects in 2021
Zoho have released Zoho Projects version 7 to celebrate their 15th year.
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Local School Uses Zoho Webinar During Covid-19 Lockdown
A local school in Wales used Zoho Webinar in the Covid-19 lockdown to continue teaching students.
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Tips for Giving an Effective Webinar
Use these tips and trics for more effective online meetings and webinars
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Email Automation Using Zoho Campaigns
Zho Campaigns email automation can be used with Zoho CRM for improved lead follow up
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Businesses are suffering because of the corona Covid-19 virus.  Workers must remain at home. Workers might even be getting sick. Customers may be holding or cancelling orders or payments. These are unprecedented times.

Zoho are aware of the issues companies will be facing and for this reason ar...

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Conrona Virus Update - Work At Home with Zoho Remotely - Free Until 1 July 2020

We are experiencing unprecedented and unpredictable times with the Conrona virus outbreak.

We utilise Zoho apps to implement and support Zoho apps and work remotely by default, so are able to continue to work through a combination of office/home and online channels.

We're all going through tough this ...

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Zoho have recently partnered with West Ham United football club as their Official Global Partner, providing Software & Business Enterprise Solutions.

West Ham United is one of over 50 million Zoho users implementing a suite of online business software to improve the running of the football club's...

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Zoho ShowTime is an online training course and presentation app from Zoho that allows you to present training courses, proposals, presentations and other media to prospects, customers, trainees, students and others.

The latest feature of Zoho ShowTime is that you can now configure the domain settings...

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CRM software has been around since the 90s but even though many users understand the need for CRM software in their Sales, Marketing and Support process and even claim to know what CRM software is and how it should be used, they often do not understand the complexities and modules within a CRM syste...

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Zoho One - A Perfect Solution for Businesses in the Construction Industry

Zoho One, the amazing all-in-one app from Zoho which gives access to Zoho's full suite of business tools is a perfect business application for any company operating in the construction industry. For example: materials suppliers, manufacturing, distributors, architects and others.

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We thought this was a nice video showing the incredible journey of Zoho from its start to the current day.

Watch the video below to see how far they have come as well as get a clear insight into where Zoho are going in the future!

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Advanced Analytics for Zoho Subscriptions

If your business is one that runs on a subscription basis then Zoho Subscriptions is the perfect subscription management and automation tool.

Zoho Subscriptions provides features such as synchronisation to Zoho CRM, subscription plan and addon management, automated invoicing and reminders, online pa...

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Workflow Automation Using Zoho Flow

If you have a number of cloud based apps such as Zoho CRM, Xero, Eventbrite etc running as tools in your business, and are wondering how to connect them together to be more streamlined, then Zoho's newest business app could be for you.

Zoho have recently released a really great app called Zoho Flow, ...

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Time Support Work in Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk, the online helpdesk solution from Zoho, now has a timer function where support agents can either manually or automatically time the work taken to do customer support tickets.

The function is very cool and has been a long-standing request of Zoho and in their usual open minded way Zoho have...

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Zoho CRM has a very nice new feature called 'Canvas', which allows you to design they way you see your data in an intuitive and easy to use drag and drop interface.

Say for example, you have a CRM containing a list of customers - most of us do! - you can design the customer list view and also the cus...

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Zoho Backstage Event Management Software

Zoho have released their latest online business solution for event management companies, Zoho BackStage.

Zoho BackStage offers a complete event management tool, online, allowing you to manage large-scale events such as conferences, trade shows, product launches, and more.

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Planning and Tracking for Agile Project Teams

Plan. Prioritise. Reiterate.

Zoho Sprints is a new project management tool from Zoho specifically deigned for use with teams following the Agile project management methodology.

Zoho Sprints is designed in such a way that it enables a team to remain open to changes to the project by using the so-called...

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Zoho Desk Gets a Makeover

Zoho Desk (formerly known as Zoho Support), the powerful and affordable online helpdesk solution by Zoho, has had a facelift recently, with numerous enhancements to the user interface.

The first of these, and the most obvious, is the menu structure, which now lists the main modules - Tickets, Knowled...

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Don't waste time publishing announcements or blogs to several social channels over and over, use Zoho Social and publish to multiple channels at once, from one location, including scheduled posts and much more.

Now Post to Instagram Directly!

Zoho Social now allows you to post directly to Instragram a...

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Collaborate More Effectively with Your Team Using Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a new communications platform from Zoho, specifically designed for small businesses to help collaborate more efficiently.

Zoho Cliq is like a combination of chat, phone, Skype with video and forums all rolled into one.

It can access your Zoho Contacts and you are presented with an immedia...

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