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Cloud Computing is one of the hottest IT related topics under discussion these days and attracts interest from a huge number of evangelists and detractors alike. Whatever your opinion, there is no doubt that it is highly interesting and controversial topic that is here to stay.

We're obviously going to be biased - we live and work in the cloud, we deliver projects in the cloud, the products we sell are hosted in the cloud - but included in this section are cloud computing articles, information and observations written by us with a mind to provoke some thought about the benefits, financial, environmental, and social/privacy implications that cloud computing has, hopefully from a fully rounded perspective!

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Business Intelligence and Reporting on Metrics

Choosing the Best Type of Chart for your Business Metrics

Cloud Software Benefits

Increased Business Mobility

It is not IF you are going to move to the Cloud; it is WHEN.

Cloud Computing Benefits for Small Medium Businesses

Benefits of Cloud Software or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud Software Flexibility

Custom Business Modules (Part 2) - Payment Tracking

Custom Business Modules (Part 1) - Expense Tracking

Importance of choosing a Flexible Cloud Provider who Support and Listen to their User Base

Manage Your Personal Tasks in the Cloud to Get Things Done

Running a Business / Working from Home

Software Solutions that Allow Your Staff to Work at Home

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