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Cloud Benefits

What are the Benefits of Using Cloud Software

Cloud computing for home business owners and small to medium sized companies brings a number of benefits together. For example, they do not have to invest heavily on hardware and software infrastructure such as file servers, email servers, and on premise licensed software and so on. Basically you pay for the license and start using our online business apps with nothing more than a browser and an internet connection. Furthermore, cloud computing applications are available anywhere, anytime using almost any kind of device, e.g. desktop, notebook or any mobile device with a browser and internet connectivity. Due to its flexibility and scaleability, Zoho collaboration, business and productivity applications meet the technology and software needs of all home business owners as well as small to medium sized companies and even large corporations.

Cloud Computing is Scalable

One of the benefits not usually mentioned about cloud software is the fact that cloud computing is highly cost effective in terms of scalability. As your business grows you do not need to invest in more computing power; all that is required for a new user is a computer and a new license, and Zoho license fees are specifically aimed at the home/startup/small-medium business market in terms of pricing and also flexibility.

Cloud Computing is Flexible Computing

What do we mean by 'flexibility? Simple - Zoho allows you to control your license. Zoho do not lock you in to year long contracts, Zoho allow you to choose when you want to upgrade or downgrade and monthly payment plans are available on all Zoho online business solutions. On premise software (that is, software that is installed on computers or servers in your office) and on premise hardware inevitably leads to paying for future hardware updates too, hardware upgrades, more servers, more memory. With Zoho online applications there are no hardware updates to pay for. All the hardware is handled by Zoho and the software upgrades and patches are rolled out by Zoho and you get them for free.

Reduced Operational Costs & Green

Ongoing operational costs are are reduced with less need for expensive I.T. staff and reduced power costs. And with reduced power costs companies are actively supporting "green computing' - one data centre serving thousands of customers, rather than each customer hosting their own hardware. You can find out more about green cloud computing here.Cloud business solutions implemented using Mangoho services are quickly and easily implemented and, importantly, supported.

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