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I'm currently moving houses... the first time excluding those times when I was a single guy, and could fit all my belongings in one rucksack, up and move on at the drop of a hat. Those days are a thing of the past!

Now I have a wife and a baby daughter and seem to have developed an uncanny ability to 'collect' stuff as I now seem to have an enormous amount of gear to shift coupled with a long list of arrangements to make from notifying banks of address changes, cancellation schools, house hunting, school inspections, selling the car and all kinds of other stuff.

It was some way through all of this when I thought "Hang on..." and wondered whether we could use a simple cloud solution such as Zoho Projects to all collaborate online rather than writing lists on bits of paper and post it stickers, forgetting them as quickly as I write them down. 

So I simply created a project in Zoho Projects, the online project management solution from Zoho, called "House Move", added my wife as a user, then created a few simple milestones such as Packing, Sales (of unwanted gear), Admin and so on.

Once they were in, I created the various tasks... oh my word how many there are to do when moving houses!  Research haulage companies, pack baby gear, put low level stuff in storage, sell bookcase, sell TV, register with new GP and so on.

You name it, every task associated with moving house can be added to your project and then assigned to the person responsible: me, my wife, or... in an ideal world, our baby daughter Emily! Well maybe not!

As Zoho Projects comes with a FREE mobile project management app, we all use it on our mobile phones too, meaning we can add comments to tasks, upload an invoice or receipt, complete a task and see what's next on the task list, directly from your mobile device. 

Zoho Projects is online project management software with free mobile app
Manage personal or business projects from your mobile phone or tablet

It must be fairly useful because I would go as far to say that even my wife likes it! She even told me yesterday "make sure you add this to the task list or else..."! 

So don't think 'cloud software' is just for business - now way! Use it for all kinds of personal stuff too, including personal projects or any situation where you need to track tasks and collaborate with other members of your 'team' or group or family.  We are, and it's great!

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