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The Zoho App that Helps Motivate your Sales Team!

Zoho motivator helps you to foster healthy competition, motivate desired sales behaviour and accelerate team performance with fun-to-use sales contests.

Sales Manager Perspective
Zoho Motivator creates an exciting competitive environment to help sales teams perform to their best ability.

Sales Rep Perspective
Zoho Motivator increases sales rep engagement & performance by providing clear goals, real-time feedback, and recognition for performance.

Key Benefits

Accessible on Mobile Devices

Let’s face it, everyone uses mobile devices these days, Zoho Motivator allows your sales team to check dashboards, contests and scores whilst on the move. Just closed a deal? Log it and watch your results change!

Motivate your sales team wherever they may be
Zoho Motivator can be used on mobile

Use Zoho Motivator to Improve Sales Processes

By focusing more on results, you can begin to analyse your sales process and improve weaknesses. Results will be shown automatically in terms of increased sales.

Improve sales process by tracking sales metrics
Monitor key sales metrics

Stimulate Healthy Competition

Zoho Motivator allows you to publish stats in an easy to read format on a flat screen TV in your office or work environment. The ‘motivator TV can be used to boost visibility, recognition and fun.

Zoho Motivator TV channel
Promote competition in the office

Sales Team Engagement

Energise sales teams to perform to their best ability.

Streamline sales processes with Zoho Motivator
Increase visibility into sales processes and results

Performance Tracking

Dashboards and analytics to track key metrics and performance and identify areas for improvement.

Monitor and track sales metrics through the sales lifecycle
Zoho Motivator can help you to improve sales processes

Get Maximum Benefits from your CRM

CRM + Motivation + Gamification = Results!

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