Track Company Expenses with Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense makes it easy for your staff to log expenses at anytime and anywhere, whether they are in the office or on a business trip, take the hassle out of tracking your expenses.

Log, Categorise and Track All Corporate Expenses

Zoho Expense allows your accounting team and individual employees to easily log, categorise and track all company expenses.

Easy Scanning of Receipts

Snap a photo of your business receipt, let Zoho Expense do the rest. Zoho Expense will store the details such as date, amount and business name.

Expenses can be added easily

Record expenses immediately. Attached your business receipts. Sort by category. Add notes and other information.

Merge Expenses

Similar expenses can be merged to avoid duplicate entries.

Expenses in any currency

It does not matter where the expenses were spent, Zoho Expense supports most major currencies and automatically converts using the latest exchange rate.

Store receipts digitally

Safely maintain your business receipts in the cloud, no more fade or lost receipts.

Bill your customers

Need to send expenses to your customers? It is just one click to create an expense report and send directly to their inbox.

Forward receipts from your inbox

Forward receipts via email. Zoho Expense will scan them for easy reporting.

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