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How We Work

Work Online. Work in the Cloud.

We work online, using the Zoho tools that we implement and support. This allows us to understand the technology we are promoting and provides the means to get your projects done using Zoho cloud software, quickly and efficiently. It also gives you, the client, a great opportunity to see how projects can be done online, from a client's perspective.

Pre Sales Cycle

We will scope most of your project during the sales cycle, as much as is possible anyway, in order to try to fully understand your project and importantly, give you an accurate estimation of the work and thus costs involved to implement the project.  All of the information gathered from our discussions via email, phone Zoho Meeting or Skype are captured in our Zoho CRM so all information about your project is retained from day one. This saves a lot of time later on when we need to communicate requirements internally, or when we get started on your project.

Managing Your Project Online

If you decide to proceed with us we will manage and track your project online using cloud based project management tools such as Zoho Projects. This tool allows us to create milestones and tasks as well as schedules and task status. It also allows us to centralise all scope information via forum and document modules and we use the forum module too for Q+A sessions with you, the client, so that everything is centralised in one place. We will grant access to the 'project portal' to as many of your team as you like and from there you will be able to see project status, understand how the project is going and even discuss project issues and upload project documents online. This helps us all to centralise project matters in one place.

Zoho Projects is a perfect small business project management tool
We use Zoho Projects to manage your Zoho project!

And the best part is that you will be able to access your project right from your mobile device! Yes, Zoho Projects mobile app is all part of the service and once you are in our portal you will be able to see the project tasks, documents, participate in forums and so on, right from your mobile device.

Zoho Projects is online project management software
Track your project from your mobile device

Meetings and Reviews

We follow an 'Agile' methodology and encourage regular meetings and reviews through the project life cycle. Meetings and reviews can be done online and use we will use apps such as Zoho Meeting to share screens and provide video and audio meetings at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional project management.


We offer onsite training of course but also utilise a state of the art online meeting solution, Zoho Meeting and our own Zoho training syllabus to provide training courses online. This means, in addition to keeping costs down compared to onsite training, you can do training at any time and any location, at a pace that suits you. You can even attend training sessions on your mobile device.


Once your project is done we offer optional support to help you develop your business solutions, customising the software to match your business as your business grows. Support packages are independent of projects so can be done separately; when you start a support package with us you will be given access to our online HelpDesk, which utilises the power of Zoho Desk. Our HelpDesk contains a KnowledgeBase of thousands useful articles and user guides and even training videos related to Zoho and other common business tools that we have built up and catalogued over the years.

Zoho Support allows you to set up a company knowledge base
Search through thousands of useful help articles

As a support client you will be able to submit and track support requests, also known as 'tickets', via a dedicated support email address or via the help desk portal itself. You can then add comments to any questions we may ask and track these support requests to closure and refer to them at any time via the help desk portal.

Zoho Support is great small business support software
Track your support requests via our help desk portal

We can grant access to the Mangoho help desk portal to as many of your team as you like, meaning your staff can get the help they need, when they need it, directly from us.

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