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CRM and SMBs Adapting To Economic Downturns And Upturns

At Mangoho, our people have experience of selling and supporting CRMs in Australia, Europe, and South East Asia which means that we have seen the demands and needs of companies in both economic upturns AND downturns.As an authorized UK Zoho reseller we are bringing a wealth of CRM experience to our main territories of Wales, South West England and the border counties.

What we have found is that in both economic situations our clients using Zoho CRM have been able to improve the lifetime value from their clients AND at the same time also develop better relations with them.

They have increased their revenue per client by using Zoho CRM to grow the sales of renovations and upgrades, restorations and repairs, increase cross selling, commence more new developments and an expand referrals.This has been done through improved better account management by analyzing and managing their customers’ historical information and planning customized sales and marketing campaigns for individual clients and segmented customer groups of customers.

Examples of these campaigns are:

  • Identifying potential referrals from existing clients in order to create further campaigns to promote sales to new clients.
  • Categorizing clients that have parent companies, subsidiaries and divisions that could be sold to. 

Furthermore our clients tended to keep better quality historical information in Zoho CRM by having detailed customer and contact notes and documents.Improved customer relations were made possible in part with Zoho CRM by better managing client contacts and improved coordination between departments when contacting clients. 

The improvement in coordination was due to having a centralized database of all client information which provided staff with easier and quicker access sales history, current opportunities, support cases, current and historical activity information. 

And using Zoho CRM’s workflow automation introduced more streamlined sales procedures in order to provide prospects and clients with a better service thorough a reduction of inherent logjams. Another example implemented by many of our clients using Zoho workflow automation was creating lead and contact assignment procedures to automatically allocate contacts to their sales execs. 

Importantly, this assignment can also be used to automatically assign website enquiries and leads to members of your sales team. 

In a short, in an article such as this it is impossible to mention all of the features and benefits that can help your company to increase sales and become more profitable using Zoho CRM but hopefully we have shed some light on what is possible using Zoho CRM!