Zoho Apps for Advertising Communications School, UK

The Challenge

The School of Communication Arts in London UK needed a better student and mentor management solution, that is, a better way to manage students and mentors, both past and present in terms of storing information about them from personal contact details to more specific stuff like skill sets, join dates and more, to also be able to log meetings, calls and other pre-term activities, through to mass mailing news about end of term portfolio days and other events, to hundreds of contacts.

The Solution

Mangoho implemented Zoho CRM with Google Calendar and Google Mail integration as well as Zoho Campaigns to improve student management and communications to students and teachers (mentors) alike, for the following school activities, undertaken by various staff at the school:

  • Student and mentor registrations to be captured from the school website
  • Automated assignment based on registration type
  • Automated email follow ups to reduce follow up time and human errors
  • Meeting scheduling and advanced call logging
  • Tracking of pipeline and actual student fee payments
  • Filters based on contact type for easy information retrieval
  • Logging of sponsorship deals for both pipeline and actual sales reporting
  • Integration to Zoho Mail for fully integrated email with CRM, not more disparate systems, all incoming and outgoing emails are now stored in Zoho CRM
  • Integration to Zoho Campaigns email marketing software so filtered segments can now be targeted with professional looking email templates and all tracking data can be used to improve email marketing initiatives.
  • Integration of Google Calendar to Zoho CRM so staff could continue using Google for their scheduling but see the events in the CRM; and so that they would see events added in the CRM, on their Google Calendar.

The Results

SCA are able to accept numerous registrations via the integrated web form, then greatly improve their follow up process. Student and Mentor data is now kept in one location instead of local Excel files and data is easily filtered and targeted on newsletters and other marketing events. A full revenue projection for the school including streams from student fees as well as sponsorships is possible using Zoho CRM. SCA once used MailChimp for their email marketing efforts, which constituted yet another piece of software to maintain, but since the project all email marketing is now done in Zoho Campaigns which requires practically no effort to maintain thanks to the seamless integration to Zoho CRM leads and contacts as well as the clever reverse synch of email campaigns back to the CRM, which can be viewed by other members of the marketing team to analyse the campaign results and assess the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

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