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Website and CRM for HR & Training Company, UK

The Leadership Development and Training company based in UK needed a revamp of their website, which had become 'tired' and they needed to be able to update content quickly and easily without being tied to freelance contractors or IT companies.

The Challenge

They needed full control in other words, to reduce costs and this meant a Content Management Solution that was easy to learn and easy to update website content by themselves.

In addition the Leadership development company wanted a revamp of their website that made use of an easy to use CMS and that would integrate to a CRM solution to improve their lead conversion and custom management processes. This had to be supplied as a package, a one stop service, at a price that suited small business budget and time constraints.

The Solution

Zoho Sites online content management solution was implemented as the basis for the website. Requirements were defined in detail at the start of the project then logged within Zoho Projects online project management tool for easy collaboration and task tracking. Zoho CRM was used as the CRM tool and it was integrated on the website via the contact forms to give seamless lead management between Zoho Sites and Zoho CRM.

Zoho training for the two solutions was also provided online using Mangoho's structured Zoho training syllabus.

The Result

The website has been completely redesigned so they now have a professional looking business website and team personnel are now able to use the website CMS themselves to update content as well as carry out normal sales functions within Zoho CRM.

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