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Zoho Software for Renewable Energy Business

We really like this case study from Zoho of a company in the US who are using Zoho CRM to run and expand there solar/renewable energy business.

After having tried many other alternative CRM Solutions they came to the conclusion that Zoho was the best match for their needs based on it's flexible functionality and the ability to expand the CRM with built-in and custom-made modules and all importantly the flexible monthly licensing and lower cost of CRM license fees.

They initially started using the CRM for their sales teams who would log Leeds and then take those leads through the entire sales process to the stage where this still had been one and a project would start.

After that they started to integrate other online Zoho Business Solutions such as Zoho Support, online help desk software that can be integrated to the CRM.

They used this app to track both internal and customer related issues in a more structured way allowing them to centralise all communications and solutions against support tickets.

They even started to use it via their field engineers and service engineers who were offsite at client locations installing the solar panels. If they had an issue or if a customer reported a problem the engineers would enter a ticket using the Zoho Support mobile app and then the support team back at HQ could manage the resolution.

They have concluded that Zoho has helped them to become more organised and structured in terms of process flow and also provides the platform for them to get a lot of useful data and metrics to measure business performance.

Take a look at this really great video where they explain just how well they have utilised Zoho to help their business:

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