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Integrated Zoho Solutions for a Tree Surgeon in Australia

We're the first to admit that most people, when you mention "online solutions", "business software", "cloud business software", will likely have an image in their mind's eye consisting of offices, large companies, sales teams, accountants, coders and so on. This is why we love the chance to work with customers who don't work in offices, who don't have sales teams, who one would normally think of as 'working with their hands', to show to them just how versatile cloud business solutions really are. So we're pleased to be able to detail a case study that took Zoho solutions to the trees in Sydney Australia, thanks to a British guy, now living in Australia working as an aborist.

We implemented Zoho solutions for Sydney Tree Solutions that included:

  • Setup of business email (Zoho Mail) - this provided professional business email address and a more 'corporate image'
  • Setup of a contact management system (Zoho CRM) - this allowed them to receive leads from their website and follow up on these leads to close deals more effectively
  • Setup of an online and mobile Invoicing solution (Zoho Invoice) - this provided the functions to use a smart phone in the field so that they could visit sites, assess the work involved and then create and send quotations there and then to the prospective customer!  This was great as the customer could OK the work, the quote could then be converted to an invoice and even paid online, right there, using the built in PayPal integration.  
Create and send invoices online with Zoho invoice mobile app
Zoho Invoice comes with a free mobile app

There was also an addon that we offered using Zoho CRM’s MailMagnet, which scans your inbox and send alerts when prospects and customers reply to you and also allows you to reply to emails, add follow up tasks, notes, and even drawings / sketches via the 'scribble' feature, which is perfect if you have a small team assessing a tough job and if they need to sketch the situation to send back to their site manager.

Zoho Mail mobile edition provides affordable hosted email for small businesses
A picture speaks a thousand words

Now onto the cost - all of this was implemented for less than a grand, including training and 3 months of support.

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