Zoho CRM - Increase Sales and Improve Customer Relations

Zoho CRM does not need any hardware investment or software installation. It is available anytime, anywhere, with just an Internet browser and gives a 360 degree view of your business sales pipeline by improving the management of your sales funnel, customer relations and marketing & support processes. The end result of this is that you will significantly increase customer satisfaction, which, in turn, increases sales.

Benefits of Zoho CRM

Easy to Use

Your sales team will love the easy to use functions and friendly and attractive user interface.

Powerful Functionality

Zoho CRM packs a powerful punch and various license levels means you can pay for what you need.

A Fraction of the Cost of Alternatives

Zoho CRM is unbelievably good value compared to other CRMs on the market. Get enterprise level software for a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Part of a Family

Zoho CRM is one of over 35+ integrated business apps - supercharge your business with Zoho business software, start with Zoho CRM!

Award Winning CRM Software

Zoho CRM is award winning CRM software

In-Depth Insight to Customer Communications

Zoho CRM - powerful online customer relationship management software from Zoho

Shorten Sales Cycles and Boost Revenue

Shorten sales cycles and increase sales volumes with Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM is a powerful online customer relationship management solution that can be used to automate sales, marketing or support processes. A seamless link between marketing processes and resulting leads and the sales modules mean no leads are lost and cold leads can be re-churned at later stages. Sales teams can make use of Zoho CRM's advanced functionality to better serve customers, improve client communications, automate follow ups and reduce sales cycle times.

Automate Sales Processes

Don't waste time doing repetitive, boring manual tasks - automate them using Zoho CRM's powerful automation functionality. Create follow up Tasks, send alerts to other team members, notify the Lead or Contact. It's all possible with Zoho CRM workflow automation.

Zoho CRM sales automation

Detailed Reports and Advanced Analytics

Zoho CRM software gives you more visibility into your business. Zoho CRM allows management, sales, marketing and support teams to:

  • Capture leads from incoming calls, emails or your website
  • Log important information about the lead
  • Log sales activities such as relevant calls, meetings and details, emails
  • Convert the Lead to a potential sale for pipeline reporting
  • Run reports on sales activities per user, revenue pipelines, sales performance
  • Create quotes and invoices, even in multiple currencies
  • Close sales and track business revenue
  • Report on ROI for marketing campaigns
  • Track customer complaints or issues to closure
  • Reduce sales times
  • Increase customer retention

Superb Reporting and Dashboards

Zoho CRM allows you to setup and customise any number of dashboards for your teams, that relate specifically to their work/department or KPIs.

Zoho CRM sales dashboards offer powerful insight to your sales process
Zoho CRM advanced analyics reporting
Zoho CRM offers extensive dashboards

Trusted by World Wide Brands

Zoho CRM is trusted by world wide brands

Suitable for All Kinds of Businesses

Home Businesses & Sole Traders

Can use Zoho CRM to manage their small but growing list of contacts. Use it to send and receive emails and keep them all in one place for better organisation and improved working efficiency. Make use of email templates to speed up laborious sales processes, even mass mail your prospect/client list using the mass mail features. Also, use Zoho CRM to create professional Quotations and Invoices for your customers. And with the mobile apps, you can do all of this from your mobile device.

Small to Medium Businesses

Can use Zoho cloud CRM software to further automate the sales process and increase efficiency of small to medium teams by automating follow ups, using email templates, call logging, activity tracking and workflow alerts. This not only improves the efficiency of the teams so they can 'do more, with less', but also reduces the time new team members take to learn your business processes. In addition SMBs can start automating and gathering more business intelligence from their marketing campaigns in that they can channel leads to their CRM and log the source of the leads and thus learn about the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.

Large Enterprises

Due to the scalable nature of Zoho CRM the Enterprise edition is more than cap[able of being configured for all kinds of functionality expected by enterprise level businesses, from territorial quotas, multiple screen layouts for different teams and even custom modules.

And all paid editions of Zoho CRM can be integrated with other Zoho apps such as Zoho Desk for HelpDesk management, Zoho Books/Invoice for business accounting, Zoho Projects for project management and the amazingly powerful Zoho Analytics for advanced analytics and reporting.

Zoho CRM is a Flexible CRM Solution

Zoho CRM can be customised to match any business.

Whether you are a startup working from home, a Sole Trader with a growing customer base, or a medium enterprise with several teams of users, Zoho CRM can be easily customised to match your business model in terms of field names, labels, alerts, workflow, Quotes/Invoices and more. Even your logo can be added to the software for that corporate feel. 

As your customer base grows, small-medium businesses can use Zoho CRM to manage their customers, both in terms of repeat sales but also customer support, and with possibilities to integrate to Zoho Books online accounting app and/or Zoho Support online HelpDesk app, they can have a truly 360 degree view of their customers at their fingertips.

Zoho CRM is an Integrated Solution

Zoho CRM can be adapted to fit your business...

Zoho CRM is a flexible, cloud based CRM solution that can be customised to match any business type

Zoho CRM also integrates with the following other Zoho online business solutions, giving you a truly 360 degree view of your customers and business:

- Zoho Books (accounting)

- Zoho Invoice (invoicing)
- Zoho Projects (project management)
- Zoho Support (customer service)
- Zoho Campaigns (email marketing)
- Zoho Docs (document management and collaboration)
- Zoho Reports (advanced analytics and BI)

Using Zoho Flow, Zoho CRM can now link to 3rd party software and fully automate your business processes:

- Google Apps
- Xero accounting software
- SMS and PBX software 
- And more.

Zoho CRM is a Mobile CRM Solution

Zoho CRM is fully mobile compatible CRM software

Zoho CRM runs on mobile devices allowing you to carry out sales and marketing activities from wherever you may be.

Just attended a meeting?

Log meeting notes via your mobile device.

Received an important call from a customer whilst out of the office?

Log the call notes on your mobile device.

Just closed a deal?

Set the sales stage to 'won' and, if you have set up workflow rules, your accountant can be notified before you even get back to the office!

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