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UK Spa Association Increase Efficiency of Subscriber Management

The UK Spa Association (SPA-UK) represents the spa industry and acts as centralised support for employees, workers and business in the spa industry, representing the entire sector, including operators, suppliers, therapists, educational establishments, architects and consultants.

As a leading not-for-profit trade association, UK Spa Association has a rapidly growing membership represents the largest group of spa-related businesses in the UK.

The Problem

UK Spa Association needed a system that helped them to organise their huge database of contacts, which included contacts from all segments of the spa industry, from suppliers, to hotels, to members of the UK Spa Association’s own subscriber database.

Not only this, but they have the need in the not so distant future to be able to segment those contact based on a wide variety of demographics, for example: location, interests, age and so on. They needed to do this in order to embark on structured email marketing campaigns. 

UK Spa Association also needed to be able to track new subscribers to their association membership. 

The Solution

For this purpose they had turned to Zoho CRM together with integration of Zoho Campaigns for the email marketing.

Zoho CRM is the perfect tool for capturing and segmenting leads and customers, whether they are people from events such as seminars and networking events, or people who have filled in website contact us forms; and then segmenting those leads by any number of demographics, for example location, interests, business type and so on.

These lists were created in Zoho CRM then the synchronisation to Zoho Campaigns meant that UK Spa Association were then able to target whole lists or partial lists as per their needs, depending on the email campaign.

The seamless synchronisation from Zoho CRM to Zoho Campaigns meant that it was not necessary to export excel lists and import them into a 3rd party email marketing software.  

Email campaigns themselves were much easier to create as all of the leads/contacts from the CRM are auto synchronised every 24 hours and the campaign management tools allow users with no experience of HTML coding to create stylish looking emails.

Also the campaigns that are created are synchronised back into the CRM, so that you can see basic stats such as reads, clicks etc directly from the CRM, i.e. you do not need to be a Campaigns user to do so.

In addition the email send out is created as a ‘campaign’ record in the CRM, meaning you can then register any new business that arises against that campaign and ultimately start to get an understanding of the ROI for that campaign in terms of leads it generates and sales that result.

So far the UK Spa Association have been sending out various campaigns to announce the season’s networking events and we wish them the very best on their email marketing strategy.  

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