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Zoho One Operating System

Zoho One - a Centralised Portal for all your Business Apps and Users

Zoho One is a complete suite of over 35+ Zoho business apps. 

Replace multiple cloud apps, out of date software and paper based systems with one all encompassing operating system for your entire organisation. 

Meet Zoho One.

Zoho One has apps for sales, marketing and support processes
Zoho One has apps for HE, accounting and operations processes

Zoho One is a centralised portal for all of your Zoho apps.

All of your users can login to each app from one place and access the app they need.

The best part is there's just one flat license for everything.

One License. No Fuss. No Hassle.

Zoho offers the flexibility to buy software licenses for the apps you need, as you need them. However if you are sure your business is going to make use of the full range of Zoho Apps, from Zoho CRM to Zoho Invoice or Zoho Projects to Zoho Desk, Subscription management or Inventory control, then Zoho One is for you.

Zoho One is an all-in-one operating system for your business

What Apps are Included?

Centralised app management on Zoho One

Control and Track Users from One Location

Zoho One allows you to add and track users of the Zoho One portal from one location, giving them access to the apps they need. You can also see who has logged in and what apps are getting the most usage.

Zoho One user management
Zoho One app management functionality

Group Management

You can also create Groups or teams in Zoho One, which allows you to make changes to whole groups, rather than having to do on an individual basis, which is perfect for larger/growing businesses with a centralised IT management process.

Add Custom or Third Party Apps

Zoho One is also connected to the Zoho Marketplace allowing you to add customised or third party apps to your Zoho One portal.

Zoho One Marketplace

Zoho One is the perfect no hassle IT portal containing every app that any small business up to large enterprises may possibly need, all in one location.

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