Zoho Flow Workflow Automation Software

Zoho Flow is a wonderful 'app' that connects apps! Zoho Flow can be used to connect two Zoho apps together, or even better, connect two unrelated cloud apps so they communicate with each other based on a certain trigger that you can define.

Traditionally this has only been possible with coding expertise and has been way beyond the budget of many small businesses, certainly a hindrance anyway, and tied you into expensive IT contracts and so on. The best news is Zoho Flow requires NO coding expertise!

Create Integrations Easily

A drag and drop interface allows you to easily drag connections between apps and specify connection criteria/triggers and so on. No coding!

Zoho Flow is business automation software
Drag and drop app integration and workflow

Tweak with Extra Coding, if Needed

Just because you don't need coding expertise it does not mean you cannot code if you want to. Tweak those workflow automations with additional coding...

Zoho Flow allows you to fine tune workflow with additional coding
Fine tune workflows with additional script coding

Dashboards for Workflow Visibility

Use Zoho Flow to see how your automation processes work. The inbuilt dashboard provides total visibility.

See what you business automations is doing
Zoho Flow dashboard gives complete workflow visibility

Connect Multiple Apps via App Gallery

Use our gallery to connect multiple apps. The gallery even comes with app templates to help with your workflow automation.

Zoho Flow has an app gallery to connect with numerous apps
Connect with multiple apps via the app gallery

Connect Multiple Apps

Connect multiple apps using Zoho Flow workflow automation software

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