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Zoho Backstage Event Management Software

Zoho Backstage is powerful event management software that can be used for businesses organising their own event or also event management businesses organising events for their clients.

Create your event website using Zoho Backstage
Create a multi language website in minutes using Zoho Backstage

Manage Multiple Events on a Single Platform

Zoho Backstage event management software is not a one-time use piece of software. You can use it to create multiple events for your business or clients on a single platform.

Manage multiple events on one event management app, Zoho Backstage

Create a Website for your Event

Design a great looking event website in a matter of minutes. Use templates or design from scratch using our intuitive drag and drop interface. No coding experience required!

Create your event website using Zoho Backstage

Manage Event Ticketing and Registration

Zoho Backstage integrates completely with other favourite event apps such as Eventbrite, making your event registration process and payment receipts hassle free. Sell tickets on your website, track sales and registrations easily and get informed of the event attendees using the check in feature.

Zoho Backstage integrates to Eventbrite

Multi Track Agenda

Create event schedules and agendas that is unique to your event. Choose from template session types and setup multiple sessions for the events. State the event/agenda keynote speakers and special guests.

Manage multiple session agendas with Zoho Backstage

Engage with the Audience

Communicate with the audience before, during and after the event with powerful online and automated communication functions, including email campaigns, discussion boards and announcements.

Manage and communicate with your event audience with Zoho Backstage event management software
Engage your audience, generate interest and follow up after the event

Get Meaningful Insights via Event Dashboards

Get useful and actionable information in real time via the event dashboards. Get a clear idea of event attendees, footfall, audience engagement and revenue.

Event insights allow you to understand your event statistics

Manage Event Sponsors

Attract and invite offers for event sponsorship from your event website. Manage and track all of your event sponsors from Zoho Backstage.

Manage event sponsors

Fully Mobile Ready

Today, most people will find out about your event, register and pay through their mobile device. Zoho Backstage is fully mobile ready. Attendees will receive event updates, be able to personalise their event agendas, participate in discussions and engage in event presentations.

Zoho Backstage is fully mobile ready

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