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Manage Documents Online with Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive is a next generation, business focused document collaboration portal.

Zoho WorkDrive document management software

Designed for Team Usage

Zoho WorkDrive is designed for use by business and organisations with multiple teams.

Zoho Workdrive allows you to create team folders

Move files around, copy them from personal 'development' folders into Team folders.

Zoho Workdrive team and personal folders

Share Files with Team Members

Collaborate with team members using Zoho WorkDrive and share files for development purposes or as part of a sales or support process.

Zoho Workdrive share files with team members using Zoho Workdrive collaboration platform

Preview and Download Files

Preview files easily by viewing thumbnails and/or download them for local use.
Preview files in Team folders in Zoho Workdrive
Previewing files in Zoho Workdrive

You can even schedule downloads and file zips on a regular basis as a means to backup your files.

Download files from Zoho Workdrive

Check In / Check Out Files

Zoho WorkDrive allows you to check in / check out files to prevent other users from editing the files when you're working on them.

Version control and edit control using Zoho Workdrive

Search Files and Folders

Zoho WorkDrive has a powerful contextual search function that will search through your files and folders.

Quickly searh for and find files in your organisation folders - Zoho Workdrive

Synch with Local Folders and Files

With the iOS or Windows apps you can use local folders and files to manage your documents and all changes will be synchronised to the web portal.

Synch local files to your Zoho Workdrive account

Advanced Analytics

Zoho WorkDrive has a full document and user activity tracking function, which allows you to manage portal users, see who is using what folders and documents over time, and also how much storage your organisation is using.

Advanced analytics in Zoho Workdrive

Office Suite

Zoho WorkDrive is fully integrated to all of the office suite apps such as Zoho Writer, Zoho Show and Zoho Sheet, allowing you and your team members to create and edit documents via the web without the need for expensive office software.

Zoho Workdrive Office Suite integration

Version Tracking

Maintaining multiple versions of files can be a problem, which is made worse once you have multiple users each accessing those files. Zoho WorkDrive's check out/check in and automated version tracking functions eliminate those problems and allow users to tracking, maintain and access current and previous versions of documents. Make sure users have the latest, most up to date version of your documents and easily roll back to previous releases if required. This makes Zoho WorkDrive a perfect tool for any companies that have configuration management protocols in place or that need to adhere to ISO or other document management standards.

Zoho Workdrive version tracking

Fully Mobile

Naturally, Zoho Workdrive is fully mobile and team members can access documents on their mobile devices at any time and any location.

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An Affordable Cloud Document Management Solution

Zoho WorkDrive has an affordable license and is part of Zoho's innovative Zoho One application platform.