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​Zoho People - Online HR Management Software

Improve the HR Experience withPowerful Online HRIS Software

Zoho People is a cloud based HR Information System that dramatically increases your employees efficiency by empowering them to access to their information anywhere and anytime.

At the same time Zoho People also allows managers online access to their team members information which means that they can track such things as leave taken, business expenses, performance reviews and so on, and thus make better personnel management decisions.

Zoho People online HR software

Comprehensive personnel database

Zoho People provides you with a comprehensive employee database allowing your staff to access and update their own information.

Drag & drop custom forms

Easy to use drag and drop functions to create and update custom forms.

Leave management

Streamline your leave management processes and manage all types of leave in your company, more easily analyze leave records and lost time.

Extensive Customisable Features

Zoho People is highly customisable and all modules can be adapted to your business needs.

Zoho People is a powerful online HR app for businesses
Zoho People business app for HR

Self Service Employee Portal

Zoho People comes with a staff portal where staff users would go for all their HR needs, greatly reducing HR team admin:
  • Onboarding
  • Leave application
  • Training logs
  • Staff appraisals
  • And more....

Asset Management

Log all of your company assets including laptops, mobiles, tablets, printers etc. Assign assets to staff members to track who has what. Build out extra functionality for asset requests or asset fault logs and alert managers/technicians automatically.

Travel Management

Log business trip plans for your organisation including destination, customer, agenda as well as the staff taking the trip. Allow team members to log expenses against the business trips for easy budget and reimbursement tracking.

Leave Tracking

The in-built Leave tracking module allows you to easily track staff leave applications against their leave quota/allowance.
Zoho People help you to track and improve your HR leave manaagement process

Workflow Automation and Hierarchy Escalation

Zoho People has a robust and highly flexible workflow and escalation function on all modules allowing you to setup automated escalations to staff Line Manager based on whatever criteria you set.
Leave approval and leave tracking workflow in Zoho People HRIS

Integrated Learning Management Solution

Zoho People is fully integrated to Zoho LMS providing trainers with a robust platform to create training plans, course, course content as well as uploading course materials; but also then track staff training and results and discussion topics from a central location.
Zoho People comes with an integrated Learning Management System

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​Online Recruitment Software

It makes sense, when your business is in need of an HR management solution, to integrate this with an online recruitment solution. This is exactly what you can do, with Zoho Recruit, Zoho's applicant and recruitment management software.

Zoho Recruit

Recruit More Effectively

Zoho Recruitis a very easy to use online applicant tracking application that is perfect for staffing and recruiting agencies and H.R. recruiting departments to efficiently manage job vacancies, resumes & CVs, potential candidates and applicants and contacts.

Zoho Recruit lets you to spend more time finding the appropriate candidate for the vacancy with features such as automatic parsing and adding resumes,embedding the resume/CV form at your website, publish injob vacancies at your website, managing clients and candidates, forwarding CVs toclients, tagging job openings, applicants and clients, importing candidates in bulk, sendingcustomized emails, and fully managing your business processes.

Who Can Use Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is perfect for:

  • Small businesses wishing to recruit new staff and track and manage applications more efficiently.
  • HR businesses who offer recruitment solutions as their main business model to other businesses.

Accept Applicants from Various Channels

Zoho Recruit allows you to embed your job ads onto your website or in other job sites and will then parse the applications into your Zoho Recruit portal. You can even set up the system so that enquiries to your job related email are parsed to Zoho Recruit, including any attached resume, with the resume details being posted into the relevant fields in Zoho Recruit.

Manage Applicants More Efficiently

Zoho Recruit has numerous functions that increase the overall efficiency of your recruitment processes:

  • Inbuilt email engine for email tracking
  • Outlook addon for integration with Microsft Outlook
  • Email templates for job offers, declines, acceptances and other standard processes
  • Collaborative calendar for use by Interviewers and other staff
  • Resume parsing so incoming resumes are parsed to the system automatically
  • And more!

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