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Cloud Software for Small Businesses Starting their Cloud Journey

For small businesses it is probably now not a case of IF they are going to start their Cloud journey, more a matter of WHEN.

It is very clear that Cloud software for small businesses has some vital key benefits of saving them time and money and improving small business efficiency by refining communication and collaboration.

Zoho cloud business software
Zoho are a cloud business software provider with over 30+ business tools, all based in the cloud

Of course small business leaders may well have heard that before.

But when you consider that in a recent McKinsey survey of SMB leaders “60 percent of respondents indicated they have already purchased at least one cloud service and about 30 percent have purchased five or more” then that is a compelling reason to look at moving small business software to the Cloud where you can also take advantage of mobile business software features.

That compelling reason get stronger when you consider that many SMB that have started their Cloud journey already may well be competitors. And what that means is that they have a competitive edge in terms of communication, collaboration, efficiency and agility.

When you also consider that, as of October 2013, there were an estimated 4.9 million businesses in the U.K. and SMBs accounted for 99.9 percent of all private sector businesses (source the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.), and a possibility that 60% have already started to implement Cloud software, then you understand more about the number of them that are already on their Cloud journey.      

Therefore the answer for SMBs who pose the question of when they should fly to the Cloud should be clear. They need to select their preferred Cloud software for small businesses supplier before they lose even more ground to their competition.

One of the wonderful aspects of the small business software for the Cloud is that there is now a number of companies that have specifically developed cloud software for small businesses and mobile business software.

And the applications that they have developed have provided SMBs with the opportunity to select cost effective applications that were previously to mid to large sized companies there-by leveling the playing field when it comes to software features, software functionality and I.T. infrastructure.    

Cloud based CRM, accounting, project management, support management,B.I., email marketing, social, survey and document management applications are now all available now for SMBs.

One company stands out from others when it comes to the development and support of online small business software and that is Zoho Corp. with their Zoho cloud business solutions software.

Zoho Corp. offers a complete range of award winning, productivity & collaboration applications and is trusted by 50,000+ companies and 10 million+ online users worldwide.

Zoho cloud business software is very affordable, does not involve any up front capex costs or maintenance fees, can be very quickly implemented, and payment is by a monthly subscription.

Mangoho are UK Zoho Alliance Partners and we believe that it is better for you to focus on your business and we take care of your software applications and support.

Our people have many years’ experience working with Zoho and SMBs worldwide. And what that means is that we understand that SMBs are highly diverse and have differing needs.

And that makes Mangoho and Zoho with 25+ cloud based applications the perfect place for SMBs to start their Cloud journey.      

But don’t just take our word; from Protostar Leadership Development Ltd.:

We were initially worried that the leap from using a  database to a CRM would be too much however they were able to advise us on what features to use initially and through their support package they  to advise and train as we get more confident and want to use more features.  

They are also providing ongoing support for our website thereby freeing us up to deliver to our clients.   We have found them to be very cost effective providers, responsive and flexible with no “hidden surprises” regarding cost. They have also been very patient with us as this has been a very new challenge for us.

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