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Zoho Training for Small Businesses in UK

Mangoho offer professional zoho training services to home, sole trader, small and large businesses in Wales and the rest of the UK.

We have years of experience in using Zoho apps and Zoho training and are experienced in training people from all kinds of verticals and with all levels of IT knowledge and we pride ourselves in the quality of our Zoho training services.

With a strong background in teaching and IT training, we have developed an extensive Zoho training syllabus for users of all business verticals as well as IT ability.

We can tailor the Zoho training courses to your needs or you can select one of our tried and tested Zoho training courses starting with a 'Newbie' crash course and going all the way up to 'Expert' level. These courses are flexible and can be spread over time so you can do more when you need more.

We can of course do onsite training but we recognise that businesses often want to keep training costs down and also that staff are busy and scheduling therefore should be as flexible as possible. With this in mind we have invested heavily in a state of the art online training platform so that we can deliver course to you online, at a time of your choosing, when you and your teams are in multiple locations. You can even attend our training from your mobile device!

For more details on how we work, please click here.

Onsite and Online Zoho Training

We can train carry out our Zoho training courses wherever you are because we use Zoho and other cloud solutions to do training online.

We've referenced Wales and UK here simply becasue we're based there but we can do on site training as well, if required, not only in the UK but Europe, America, Asia and beyond.

If you are based outside of the UK then online or onsite Zoho training can also be arranged. We have experience of doing Zoho training all over the world, from UK to US and Australia to Hong Kong.

Training Materials and Online Training Technology

Mangoho have developed a wide selection of training materials consisting of traditional user guides to user videos to assist users in our training courses.

We utilise a combination of software for our online Zoho training - including Zoho Meeting, Skype, phone or GoTo Training, depending on the needs of the customer. 

In short, our training provides you with a structured approach, with adequate materials for attendees, delivered onsite or online using state of the art training software.

If you are interested in doing online Zoho training in UK with us, please contact us here, stating your level and Zoho training requirements, and we will respond within one business day.