Small Business Contact Management Software

Zoho have recently released another online business software tool to their arsenal of business solutions:

Zoho ContactManager. Specifically aimed at micro businesses such as sole traders or home business as well as small businesses who are yet to implement cloud based contact management, Zoho ContactManager is an online business tool that allows you and/or your team to manage contacts, tasks, notes, emails and more.

Zoho know that it's often a struggle to centralise all of this stuff, and keep all of the data and team on the same page, especially if you do not have big budget software to help you. For this reason Zoho ContactManager is perfect for sole traders as well as home or small to medium businesses.

It's ideal for sales activities, purchasing, legal processes, business development and many other areas of day to day business contact management or indeed any related process that needs to share contact information, deadlines, tasks and related notes. That's why Zoho release Contact Manager.

All there is to do, know and share... in a single place

Zoho ContactManager allows you and your team to share contacts and everything that may be associated with them such as tasks, comments, notes, history, even emails - all in one place, the cloud.

Team members can share email communications that they have with contacts, with other people in the team. This allows everyone access to the communications with that contact without sending countless cc's and clogging everyone's inbox.

And the best thing is this email sharing function in Zoho ContactManager works regardless of what email software or email provider you use, it even works when you send emails from your mobile phone! Of course, you don't want to share all emails so the sharing permissions keep sensitive information private.

Follow up and get things done more efficiently

Zoho ContactManager is all about improving your own and your team's efficiency. You are able to add tasks to contacts, add reminders, follow up on those tasks until closure, all in one single place.

No more disparate systems like Outlook, Google apps, and so on. In addition, as many tasks in business are repetitive, Zoho Contact Manager comes with task templates which means you can automate stuff like processing purchase orders, sending contracts, or making a sale.

This saves you valuable time opposed to setting it up manually.

Manage your contacts - anywhere, anytime

Zoho ContactManager comes with iPhone and Android apps, which let you do all of the above from your mobile device. For example adding new contacts, adding contact tasks, or staying updated with feeds.

Zoho also offer a card scanner app that will scan business cards then drop this information directly in to Zoho ContactManager. Zoho ContactManager is also integrated to Google Apps.

Mobile contact management apps by Zoho ContactManager

Zoho have yet to confirm pricing but are offering a 'pay what you think it's worth' promotion with a minimal payment of 1$ per user per month! Zoho are pretty sure you will like the app, so use it free for 30 days then tell Zoho what you want to pay for it. 

We're using it already, it's great. 

Mangoho are Zoho partners in the UK and are offering a free set up service for Zoho Contact Manager. If you would like to try this app please let us know and we will set it up for you for free, with no obligation to continue.  

We're also offering some cool combo implementations using this latest app too, for example Zoho ContactManager combined with a website using Zoho Sites, ideal for a new business that needs some affordable web tools to help them get off the ground. Or Zoho ContactManager combined with Zoho Docs, ideal for a law firm for example, that requires the contact management functionality plus a document management system. 

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