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Connect Zoho CRM with Your Existing Business Software

Utilise the growth of business solution integrators that provide Zoho CRM connectors to a wide variety of online business solutions, to allow you to connect you Zoho CRM with many other types of cloud business software.

For Zoho CRM clients this can result in a huge increase in productivity as staff save hours every day by having a more integrated systems environment meaning much repetitive data entry type work is reduced and as a result your business processes become more streamlined and more cost effective.

Our 'Zoho CRM connectors' can significantly reduce your system integration costs as there is no need for any development costs. Although the Zoho API does provide a 'gateway' between Zoho CRM and other software, it still required considerable technical knowledge to implement and this can get expensive, running to a few thousand of pounds or more, especially if you do not have in-house coding resources.

By using Zoho CRM 'connectors' these costs can be reduced to a couple of hundred pounds plus a monthly subscription fee.

What Sorts of Apps Can Be Connected to Zoho CRM?

Pretty much any of the popular cloud based business solutions! 

And other cloud business software such as: 

  • Online field/service management apps 
  • Online inventory management apps 
  • Payment Gateways 
  • GoTo Webinar 
  • Evernote 
  • Website chat apps
  • And more! 

For more information just drop us a note to info at mangoho dot com or fill out the form here

We will let you know if your integration requirements are possible and give details of what the integration can do together with confirmation of estimated costs.