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Integrate your PBX Phone System with Zoho CRM

Zoho PhoneBridge allows you to integrate your PBX phone system with Zoho CRM. What does this mean exactly?  Well, if you make an outgoing call you can click and call directly and use hands free dialling but also this can come into its own when you receive incoming calls from prospects or customers - their details will appear on screen immediately and then you can log the call information there and then in Zoho CRM. It's great for sales and support teams who make and receive calls regularly to prospects and customers as part of sales and support.

What PBX Systems are Supported?

You can use the Zoho CRM PhoneBridge with:

Zoho CRM has a PhoneBridge addon that allows you to integrate Zoho CRM with PBX phone systems
Zoho CRM PBX Phone System Integration

Watch the video below for more details on how the Zoho CRM PhoneBridge works...

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