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Singapore - Zoho CRM for an IT Business

The Challenge

You may be wondering "What good is that to us if it was done in Singapore?"! We thought we would include this case study as a demonstration of how we are able to provide rapid, flexible online Zoho training services to companies in the UK, as we did so to a company with branches in Singapore and Malaysia at short notice for a using state of the art online training software and our structured online Zoho training syllabus that were clearly good enough to be used by attendees from different countries and cultures.

In order to quickly obtain most benefits from Zoho CRM a visual Zoho CRM training program was required and needed to relate to Bizit Systems' organization and business operations; and they needed this quickly, delivered in a structured method, complete with training materials and video recorded sessions.

Tools Used For Training

Zoho CRM       - CRM Solution and for internal course tracking for attendees, session notes, etc. 
Zoho Show       - Online demos and presentations.          
Goto Meeting   - Virtual meetings with two way screen sharing and interactivity for more interesting online training.    


Four participants from Malaysia and Singapore attended the online Zoho CRM training.         

The Result

After the Zoho training, Bizit Systems staff instantly made better use of Zoho CRM to process and manage all of their sales activities from the lead stage through to the eventual sale and to manage their regularly held training courses. 

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Mangoho deliver professional, structure Zoho training courses, both onsite and online to business in the UK of any type or size: sole traders, small businesses or large companies.  

Our Zoho training is professional and affordable.  For more details on how Mangoho can conduct Zoho training services for your business, contact us here.