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Zoho Webinars

Free and Paid Zoho Webinar Training for All Levels

Mangoho work together with their partners in Asia provide ongoing, online Zoho Webinars, held on a regular basis (approximately every month), aimed at various levels of Zoho users from all kinds of business verticals.

Our Zoho Webinars are both free and paid and are designed primarily for new Zoho users, but also we also run paid webinars for more experienced users and administrators.

Are these webinars open to anyone, in any country?

Yes. Our Zoho webinars are primarily run for our customers and new attendees in the UK, Thailand and Australia, but the great thing about our Zoho online training webinars is that they can be attended by anyone, from anywhere, on any device. The only factor to be considered is the time zone. Obviously, if the webinar is to run on a UK time zone, and you are based in Australia, you may find yourself getting up in the middle of the night! In this case it would be better to attend a webinar that is running in your specific time zone.

Are your Zoho webinars free?

As Zoho evangelists we want to see as many Zoho users as possible getting up to speed on their Zoho apps. Many of our webinars and courses are free, the more extensive and technical courses are paid per attendee. Our rates are very competitive and range from just 10 USD per attendee and we also provide channels for attendees to keep in touch with us and submit feedback and follow up questions. 

What Zoho apps do you cover? 

We mainly cover the 'core' - ie. flagship - Zoho products such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Projects, Zoho Support and Zoho Reports. We are however open to requests! We want to provide the most useful and beneficial Zoho webinars / Zoho training possible, and we encourage you to request and discuss webinars on our social channels. 



It's not possible to please everyone of course, so if there is something highly specific that you need done for your company or business goal, drop us a line at info at mangoho dot com and we can design a tailor made Zoho webinar / more detailed Zoho training package to meet your specific needs. 

Can I use these Zoho webinars to train my team?

Absolutely, feel free to use our Zoho webinars as 'refresher' sessions for your users. 

We also offer Zoho Training courses.

Is there a maximum number of attendees that are allowed to join a Zoho webinar/online Zoho training? 

Yes. There are a maximum of 25 attendees and this is on a first come first served basis. Webinars/training sessions require pre-registration. We will increase this number in the future as required, depending on how many people request to join in. 

Do you provide additional materials? 

Yes. The materials depend on the topics but most webinars have materials associated with them and these are sent upon completion of the webinar session(s). Materials are generally in the form of PDFs or sometimes video links. Additional / customised materials can be made upon request. 

What other activities do you do in your Zoho webinars / Zoho training? 

We like the concept of 'hands on' webinars rather than you sitting listening to us, checking email and other tasks at the same time!  We will frequently hand over control so that attendees can get 'real' experience. 

In addition we include slides, polls and the occasional test! How do I know what topics you will be covering? 

1) Follow us or like us on our social channels: 



2) Join our newsletter, the sign up box is over there on the right.

3) Email us and ask when the next webinar is!  You can reach us on info at mangoho dot com.

Do I need any special software or hardware? 

No. You will receive an email after registration which contains all of the instructions. 

If you are interested in attending a Zoho webinar or have a request for a topic in a Zoho webinar, or if you would like a custom webinar designed for team members in your business, please contact us here.