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Free CRM Software, Really?

Is There Any Such Thing as Free CRM Software?

There are loads of CRM solutions available on the market. The likes of Microsft Dynamics, and SageCRM are at the top end of the market, with all manner of other solutions in between.

Zoho CRM targets the small business market and prides itself with having an impressive function list and pricing that just can't be beaten, starting at 12 USD (less than 8GBP) per user per month for the standard edition; with Professional and Enterprise editions at 20USD and 25 USD per user per month.

Most if not all of these CRM solutions offer some sort of free version but it is normally on a trial basis. Typically one month, at which point you are locked out until you pay. Is there really any truly free CRM software? Yes, Zoho CRM!

Zoho CRM is an award winning CRM solution for small businesses

Zoho CRM is a powerful online CRM solution that has a permanently free edition

Zoho CRM free edition provides the following functions for free:

  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Sales
  • Activities
  • Reports

And,when Zoho say "free", they mean "free, for life". You will not be expected to upgrade and make any license payments after a trial period. Indeed, there is no trial period. Your data will not be deactivated after 1 month or 15 days. You will still be able to access and manage all of your sales data for as long as you like.

And the best thing is, Zoho CRM free edition even allows you to have up to 3 users, which means you can use it with a small team, for 3,6,12 months or more to see whether it matches your needs, before deciding if you want to - or need to - upgrade.

Functions and Other Zoho CRM Editions

You are probably wondering whether the free version has all of the functionality that the paid versions have. Well no, Zoho's business is providing quality software and they need to make a profit too of course, so the free version has been designed for statups, sole traders and small businesses to use with enough functionality to get started and even use it as an extensive business tool for as long as required, with the more extensive functions being available in the paid versions.

There are a lot of functions in any CRM software so it would be overkill to list everything that is available here, but typically the functions that are restricted are mass mailing, multi currency, automated workflow, mobile app inclusion and so on.  

If you want to upgrade then Zoho offer 15 day trials of the various licenses so you can be sure. If you do not want to upgrade after this time, then you can downgrade back to the original free version.  If you do upgrade, say to Enterprise, then you find later you don't need all of the functions and want to downgrade to Professional - you can do so and your license bill will be adjusted accordingly.

We have a downloadable document that explains a full functional and price comparison.

Zoho CRM Flexibility - No Lockin Policy

Zoho are fully aware of the importance of cashflow and affordability of software for small businesses. For this reason Zoho CRM is one of the few CRM solutions on the market that does not lock you into 12 month contracts and allows you pay on a monthly basis. If you need to downgrade or revert to the free or lower version at any time, you can.

The Zoho ethic of making its software affordable and available for the small business market shines though still further when you consider its optional 12 month pricing - if you want to pay a full 12 months in advance then you can, and Zoho offer you a 10% discount for doing so!

Full Zoho CRM edition comparison and license pricing can be downloaded here.

Expensive Implementation Costs?

OK, so you have decided on a CRM solution, we hope after reading this it's Zoho!

But then we expect you are wondering how much it will cost to set it up.... Of course, extensive and customised setup services that include customising the CRM to match your business process will not come for free, but Zoho CRM's easy to use functionality and intuitive user interface is such that the free version can be set up quickly and easily enabling you to get started within one day.

Free CRM Set Up Service

To compliment the free version of Zoho CRM Mangoho offer a FREE Zoho CRM setup service for small businesses that consists of:

  • Account Setup - we will create your initial Zoho account
  • Branding - we will personalise the CRM to your own brand
  • Corporate setup - company name & details and up to 3 users
  • Email - branded email signatures
  • Training - FREE online training to help you get started
  • Support - FREE support on the Mangoho helpdesk - submit your help requests and we'll assist you!

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