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By: Andrew Wallace | September 19, 2018

Zoho Desk, the online helpdesk solution from Zoho, now has a timer function where support agents can either manually or automatically time the work taken to do customer support tickets.

Zoho Desk online helpdesk software
Zoho Desk timer function allows support agents to accurately time support work

By: Andrew Wallace | July 01, 2015

Zoho have just released a Google Chrome extension for tracking the time spent on projects in the timesheet module of Zoho Books, hopefully making the process of tracking time much simpler.

Picture it: you start the timer to begin working on a task, but then you go to lunch and then do something else and forget to stop the timer… before long something that should have taken 2 hours of billable time has taken (on paper) 8 hours!  Yes, you forgot to stop the timer. We do it too.  

This chrome extension will allow you to easily see that the timer os on and stop it whenever required, without the need to login to Zoho Books..

This extension allows you to do the following regardless of which tab in Chrome you are using:

1. Start the timer. While the t...