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By: Allan | March 26, 2015

I was going to develop the title with “new and easier” and if you are an existing Zoho Projects user you will know what I mean.

Without going into any details all I will say was that document management in Zoho Projects was clunky and leave it at that! 

Now we have an authentic, real deal document management application built into Zoho Projects. And it is powered by Zoho Docs.

Document management in Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects now has a full blown document management module

By: Allan | January 29, 2015

From day one at Mangoho we have been using Zoho Projects for both for our internal tasks and projects and our customer’ projects. 

Indeed all of the planning behind the launch of our company was managed by Zoho projects. 

Take a quick tour with this video before we look at some of the new features.

By: Allan | September 02, 2013

Zoho Projects, the online project tracking and management tool is moving closer to becoming a true Project Manager friendly tool that can be used in Agile & Scrum project management methodologies with its integration with Zoho Reports.

We're in discussions with Zoho on this now, finding out just what integration functions this will provide but based on the powerful feature set of the Zoho CRM integration we are assuming that it will provide measurement of all sorts of metrics from project effort, resource management and more.

For example, this article in Wikipedia shows how such reporting can be used to show a graphical representation of work left over time. Click here to view.

And with the awesome interactive drill down functions that are...