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By: Allan | March 26, 2015

I was going to develop the title with “new and easier” and if you are an existing Zoho Projects user you will know what I mean.

Without going into any details all I will say was that document management in Zoho Projects was clunky and leave it at that! 

Now we have an authentic, real deal document management application built into Zoho Projects. And it is powered by Zoho Docs.

Document management in Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects now has a full blown document management module

By: Allan | January 09, 2015

Can you easily find all of your important company documents that you need to effectively manage and run your business?

Many companies tell us they are still storing critical documents on desktop computers, email attachments, various network drives and even on USB drives.

And yet the same companies also very often tell us they are concerned about data privacy and data security.

Our answer to them is always the same; we recommend the centralized document management application, Zoho Docs, which provides for:

  • Version control to stop issues using the incorrect wrong version of a document.
  • Quick and easy access to save time spent searching for the documents. 
  • Access from anywhere at any time and using different devices. 
  • Improved management...