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By: Andrew Wallace | June 12, 2015

We quite liked this possibly little known function in Zoho Sites that allows you to use a ‘Social Network Auto Publish’ feature, so that new posts or updates to the blog page will be automatically published in the user's social networking pages like Facebook and Twitter.

This is great as previously one would have to publish the blog then go to whatever social platform or even platforms you want to announce it on and then create the tweet statement plus the link, then publish that too. Over time this can get both time consuming and tedious, something that small business owners, many of whom wear many different hats, cannot afford!

To make use of this function in Zoho Sites go to… 

  1. Settings
  2. Social Network Auto Publish

See the screen shot below for...

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By: Allan | October 10, 2014

Until a few years ago building websites required a lot of HTML & CSS page building and editing technical knowledge.

Jump forward to today and there are many excellent Website Content Management Systems (WCMS) to select from that make building and publishing websites much easier.

Note the term “much easier”.

Whilst WCMS suppliers push hard that no technical expertise is required and that it is so easy to develop, or redevelop, your own company website, do you, as a small business owner, really have the time, inclination, and the design skills, to do so?

At Mangoho, the official Zoho partner for Wales, we think that your time would be better spent developing new customers and increasing the loyalty of your existing ones, and leave the develo...

By: John | January 25, 2013

Zoho Sites is an online (cloud) based CMS, or Content Management System for websites.  Zoho's latest online business tool is possibly the easiest CMS we have come across and maybe the easiest on the market!

It comes with a selection of approximately 20+ templates and we're told this will be grown in the future. It has an easy to read interface and intuitive drag and drop functions. Zoho Sites allows you to create an attractive personal or business related websites in literally minutes.

We thoroughly recommend this tool for individuals or businesses looking to create simple, affordable websites that look good and perform well and that are easy to maintain.

The average small-medium business needs to factor in costs of course, so the best pa...

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