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By: Andrew Wallace | May 12, 2015

In running with our blog theme of offering you various Zoho 'Tips and Tricks' I though this simple, little known, but highly useful function would be well received, the Zoho Sheet View.

Picture it: You have a load of leads that you want to update on mass, you cannot use the Mass Update Leads tool though, because there is no generic rule that can be applied to mass update them, you need to go through several dozen leads and update one by one and face the ugly prospect of having to edit and save each record in turn.

But wait, why not use the Zoho Sheets View function?  "The what?", I hear you say...

Without exception every time I show new customers this feature in Zoho CRM, I am met with the sounds of 'Wow', or 'Awesome'... but in fact...

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