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By: Andrew Wallace | March 18, 2017

Zoho Projects, the online project management solution for businesses, has recently had a complete user interface overhaul.

With new functions, new look and an overall welcome improvement, you can read more about the new look to Zoho Projects in our other blog post, here.

The Zoho Projects team have been very busy though.... and have just released a new and improved app for iPad and Android devices!

Zoho Projects mobile app for iPad and Android

By: Andrew Wallace | March 02, 2017

Zoho Projects has been around for a while, but has undergone major changes since its release several years ago.

Recently Zoho rolled out an entire revamp for the award winning on;line project management software, with it's new 5.x version, complete with new interface and features.

Zoho Projects can be used to manage all kinds of projects in multiple industries, such as:

  • Construction projects
  • Architect / Design projects
  • Business develpment projects
  • Software projects
  • Website design/SEO projects
  • And many more...

For more information on Zoho Projects, click here.

Zoho Projects online project management app

By: Patty | April 14, 2016

We are please to announce that Zoho Projects have increased the storage space for all the paid plans in Zoho Projects.

Current Storage Space:

Express - 5 GB
Premium - 15 GB
Enterprise - 30 GB

New Storage Space:

Express - 10 GB
Premium & Enterprise - 100 GB

This will give even more space to store project related documentation as well as larger files such as audio and video, screen captures and more.

Zoho Projects is a powerful online project management solution that can be used in all kinds of business verticals, from software design to marketing, to construction.

Click here for more details on Zoho Projects project management software.

Contact us for more information.

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By: Patty | December 22, 2015

Building on from the last blog on using Task and Task List templates, the next step is to make templates of the whole project.

This is something that is common place when working in one vertical for example, whereby your projects consist of the same sort of milestones, same tasks each time.

You can even create the same forum topics and upload the same documents, for example, 'kick off' type documents or user guides for training. All can go into the project template to save the Project Manager time later on.

Examples of where this function can be of use are SEO projects, web development projects, Marketing projects, construction projects and many more.

Here's how Project Templates are created...

By: Patty | December 16, 2015

Creating tasks is already pretty quick in Zoho Projects but there comes a time when a project manager will need to add similar, frequently occurring tasks on similar projects and then you want to do this as quickly as possible to minimise admin time.

An example may be if you are a web design company and need to add certain tasks or groups of tasks that recur in different projects, but maybe not in every project.

Perhaps they pertain to specialised kinds of testing, or additional requirements for certain customers, but do not warrant being in a project template (see our next blog on the Zoho Projects functions for details of that!)

You can add these kinds of similar tasks via 'task and task list templates' in Zoho Projects, saving time and m...

By: Patty | December 08, 2015

Zoho Projects integrates with Zoho CRM allowing you to create and access projects from the CRM once the sale has been won... Here's how:

By: Patty | December 03, 2015

Wondering how to best use the Milestone and Tasks modules in Zoho Projects?

Here's a neat video from Zoho on how to manage those Milestones, Task Lists and Tasks from within Zoho Projects.

By: Patty | November 24, 2015

We thought we would run a series of video blogs on one of Zoho's most popular small business apps, Zoho Projects.

This first short video from Zoho explains how to get started, including basic concepts and how to setup your first project...

By: Andrew Wallace | October 16, 2015

Zoho Projects has always had a timer function so users assigned to Tasks can record how long the task takes.

This can be done in two ways:

1) The ‘log time’ function - add on 4 hours, or 3 hours at the end of the session. Useful if you have forgotten to time something but is really based on memory of how long you think something took and is open to error.

2) The timer is a way to track the task time in a live scenario, and is literally a start/stop function and the clock ticks away while you are working on a task. 

This can be a great way to accurately record how long projects take, which is in turn is useful of course to learn how much the project costs and also to assess bill out rates and more.

The new Zoho Projects Timer widget allows you to...

By: Allan | January 29, 2015

From day one at Mangoho we have been using Zoho Projects for both for our internal tasks and projects and our customer’ projects. 

Indeed all of the planning behind the launch of our company was managed by Zoho projects. 

Take a quick tour with this video before we look at some of the new features.

By: Andrew Wallace | September 09, 2014

In case you had not seen it (it is quite easy to miss), Zoho Projects, the online project management software for small businesses, has a cool 'widgets' function that can be used to get a snapshot view of the project when on the Dashboard (home) page.

Look in the top right of the Dashboard page... see it? Good!

Simply click the widgets icon and then select the widgets you want to see, then order them in the order you want to see them in, then save!

This will allow you to get a better insight into the project and help you with project tracking.

Zoho Projects online project management software
Zoho Projects Widgets are customisable

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By: Andrew Wallace | June 03, 2014

Zoho Projects has long had a 'bug' or issue tracking module that helps teams track issues from start to finish, as well as scheduling fixes and even timing work done on them.

Now though, Zoho have released the popular 'Kanban' view for this module as well, which allows users to view a semi graphical card type format of all of the open issues and when they are due to be fixed.

What's 'Kanban'? Kanban visualisation comes from Japan and literally means visual cards. It is used to see the 'big picture' of a project.

Each card represents a task, with the owner and the scheduled due date.  Users can use Zoho Projects like a kind of 'virtual whiteboard' and move the cards around as required to better prioritise tasks and assign to various users...

By: Andrew Wallace | May 13, 2014

Zoho Projects, the online project management software from Zoho, has long had a basic Gantt chart generating function that graphically represents your project tasks along a 'project timeline', but the Zoho Projects guys have just released some really cool new functionality that takes this to a new level: interactive Gantt charts!


Zoho Projects Gantt Charts function now includes Milestones as well as tasks, so that you can view the complete hierarchy: milestones, task lists and the task inside the task lists, all in one location.


A dependency is basically when one task depends on another, so for example, you cannot start one task until another one finishes.  An example might be basic software testing, testing might s...

By: Andrew Wallace | December 17, 2013

If you have not yet noticed it, we recommend trying out the Zoho Projects Google Chrome extension!

Using this extension you can view the feeds from your project portal without having to log into Zoho Projects. This is perfect for team members of PMs who are working on other stuff but who still need to know status of tasks, comments and so on.

Zoho Projects Google Chrome extension

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By: John | November 16, 2013

In 2011 took over the project management solution from Manymoon for an estimated US$25-US$35 million, and proceeded to rename it

Last week however, just 2 years later, they announced that will soon be discontinued.

Rather than buying up new startup businesses and trying to integrate them into a core product, Zoho prefer to build their apps in house, by taking on board their customer comments and designing software that integrates seamlessly.

Since 2011 Zoho Projects online project management software has been growing and growing and is now packed full of feastures as well as getting the mobile app aas a standard free addition to all subscribers, allowing you to effectively manage projects from your mobile device.

Zoho Projects is an online project management solution for small businesses
Feel the love, with Zoho Projects

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By: Andrew Wallace | November 13, 2013

Make it easy for you and your team to stay on top of tasks and time sheets, using their mobile devices.

We recommend team members use the mobile Zoho Projects app, which is excellent and is free and which can be used to log:

  • Tasks and Status
  • Comments
  • Log timesheet time on Tasks
  • Upload Documents
  • And more!
Zoho Projects online project management software has a free mobile app to help you get things done online
Go to iTunes or Google Play and search for 'Zoho Projects', it's free.

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By: Andrew Wallace | October 30, 2013

Zoho have just announced the live release of their long awaited integration between Zoho Projects, the online project management solution for small businesses and Zoho Reports, their powerful online business intelligence tool.

Zoho Projects allows you to create internal (team based) or external (client based) projects and track them online. Apart from the ability to centralise documents and discussions in one place, team members are also able to update Task status and track time spent on tasks.

This data can now be synchronised across to Zoho Reports, which also comes with numerous pre-built charts that you can use to graphically represent the status of your projects, with everything from:

  • Tasks Completed so far by Owners
  • Active Milestones by P...

By: Andrew Wallace | September 07, 2013

I have been really getting into the Zoho Projects mobile project management solution lately, from managing my mounting tasks list for moving house, to managing the team online, on my mobile device, when and where I can; even log time on billable client meetings and other work that I may have forgotten to do when in the office

I have to say, this app is great!

Now, Mangoho are please to announce that Zoho have just released a load of new functions to their mobile project management app that make it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate with your team and manage projects directly from your mobile device.

And, the best part of all, this app is completely free to all Zoho Projects subscribers!

Zoho Projects is an online project management solution
No more office boundaries with the Zoho Projects mobile app

By: Allan | September 02, 2013

Zoho Projects, the online project tracking and management tool is moving closer to becoming a true Project Manager friendly tool that can be used in Agile & Scrum project management methodologies with its integration with Zoho Reports.

We're in discussions with Zoho on this now, finding out just what integration functions this will provide but based on the powerful feature set of the Zoho CRM integration we are assuming that it will provide measurement of all sorts of metrics from project effort, resource management and more.

For example, this article in Wikipedia shows how such reporting can be used to show a graphical representation of work left over time. Click here to view.

And with the awesome interactive drill down functions that are...