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By: Andrew Wallace | April 23, 2014

Many businesses require staff to 'check in' when they come to the office, many still use pen and paper to do this and then may use this to go through to check staff attendance, time sheets and so on.

Not any more!

Zoho People, the online HRIS software from Zoho has had an Attendance module for a long time, but now you can also check in via your iOS and Android mobile device!

Zoho People is an online HR management software solution for small businesses
Check in to your office online via a mobile device

By: John | August 10, 2013

Zoho People, the affordable and easy to use online HR solution from Zoho now allows users to save draft data when adding records in forms.

What use is this I hear you say? 

Well, in all of our implementations of Zoho People one of the first things the users ask is "Can I save this and come back to it later?"  This is especially the case on the longer forms such as adding monthly expenses, where they may have a stack of receipts to get through. Or, it can take a number of sessions to complete an employee record as you might not know all the details.

So, from now, yes you can!

Zoho People has extensive employee management features and is a perfect online HR management solution for small businesses wishing to expand and manage their h...