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By: Andrew Wallace | November 10, 2017

Zoho Mail is a business email app from Zoho that offers a full suite of email functionality and more, such as calendaring, tasks, contact management, notes and bookmarks and 'night mode' for you night owls out there who like to check your email at night!

In addition, Zoho Mail offers nifty streaming functions including @mentions to team members to draw their attention to emails you may want to share, instead of forwarding them around in confusing internal email loops.

The best part is that Zoho Mail integrates to Zoho CRM in a two way email synch so that you can see inbound and outbound emails with all of your leads and contacts.

One common question we get is how to set it up with Outlook. Of course we offer this service as part of our Zoho M...

By: Andrew Wallace | May 15, 2014

We're pleased to announce that Zoho Mail, the online business email software from Zoho, have just announced their free package will include not 5 free email accounts, but a massive 10 free email accounts!

This is a real boost for many small business who basically will not need to pay for email hosting until such time as they expand and can start investing in more infrastructure.

It is also interesting to note that this is in direct contrast to Google who decided to cease their free business mail service plan back in 2012and in the time between then and now, Zoho Mail have seen a 600% increase in users.

Zoho pride themselves on creating world class software for small businesses at a price that small businesses can afford. And if it's free, all ...

By: Andrew Wallace | November 12, 2013

In today's hyper fast, hyper connected world of mobile devices, apps and a mind boggling array of communication channels it's easy to become overloaded with communications from all of these channels, not least of all our old friend, email.

Even with the advance of so many communication apps, email client software really has not advanced all that much and, especially if you work primarily using email, then keeping it all organised can rapidly turn into a nightmare.

Add to this the fact that staff come and go and may well not keep all their client emails logged in a central location and you can see how easy it is to lose critical communications.

As a result we're seeing an increase in the number of requests to record client email communications...

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