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By: Andrew Wallace | October 07, 2016

We thought we would announce this small but useful enhancement on Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice, not only because it is a useful function but because we like how it demonstrates how Zoho listen to their customers and take valuable feedback on board to improve their software. 

A customer of ours one day asked whether they could - instead of including lengthy terms and conditions in an invoice template - include them as an attachment on the email that send the invoice. 

Different terms and conditions, could be attached to different email templates, rather than trying to remember to attach them when sending the invoice. 

We suggested this to Zoho and within a week, they had introduced this enhancement. 

You are now able to add attachments to the email t...

By: Andrew Wallace | July 19, 2016

Zoho Reports, which is the online BI (business intelligence) app from Zoho, is now integrated with their online accounting software, Zoho Books.

After the integration of Zoho Reports after Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, and also Zoho Recruit, Zoho Reports integration to Zoho Books is the next logical step in an all encompassing platform that provides users with a powerful platform to take their financial reporting to the next level.

Zoho Books to Zoho Reports integration
Zoho Books now integrates to Zoho Reports online BI platform

By: Andrew Wallace | December 14, 2015

You may or many not have noticed the new widgets in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books but we thought we would blog about them just in case as they can be quite useful!

Take a look at the top left of the screen now and you will see a couple of new icons, next to the Zoho logo:

New functions in Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books accounting software

By: Andrew Wallace | July 01, 2015

Zoho have just released a Google Chrome extension for tracking the time spent on projects in the timesheet module of Zoho Books, hopefully making the process of tracking time much simpler.

Picture it: you start the timer to begin working on a task, but then you go to lunch and then do something else and forget to stop the timer… before long something that should have taken 2 hours of billable time has taken (on paper) 8 hours!  Yes, you forgot to stop the timer. We do it too.  

This chrome extension will allow you to easily see that the timer os on and stop it whenever required, without the need to login to Zoho Books..

This extension allows you to do the following regardless of which tab in Chrome you are using:

1. Start the timer. While the t...

By: Allan | April 30, 2015

Zoho Books administrators can now introduce improved role based access for their users by refining what their external users, e.g. customers and accountants, and also their accounting team members can access.

So for example you could set up roles for supplier & purchases access only, sales access only, external accountant access only, customer access only, e.g. view only invoices and cash payments, and reports only access. 

The following screen prints demonstrates the improved role based access.

Zoho Books and improved user role access

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By: Allan | April 17, 2015

Zoho have recently announced the online Zoho Expense tracker application that has been designed to save sales execs time when tracking their client related expenses.

Zoho Expense tracking and expense reporting application

By: Allan | March 17, 2015

We recently announced the UK version of Zoho Books and we thought that CPAs in South Wales would want know more about the UK features: 

  • Collect and record VAT on transactions.
  • Send ‘HMRC’ compliant VAT invoices to customers.
  • Track sales made to EU customers.
  • Accept online payment from customers.
  • Automatically import bank transactions.
  • Generate VAT returns with ease.
  • Apply the new VAT rule for sale of digital services.

And then add in that we will provide you with the resources and tools to help you talk to your customers, and, importantly, support your customers. 

Add in that we are locally based in South Wales and then add in the cost of only just over £160 a year and you will be a super star to the clients in your practice. 

Yes, for just over £160...

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By: Allan | February 11, 2015

Zoho Books is an outstanding online accounting application for small business owners and freelancers.

And the really astute people at Zoho Corp. have recently released Zoho Books, UK edition.

Zoho Books UK accounting application for small businesses.
Zoho Books now has a UK edition

By: Andrew Wallace | September 03, 2014

Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice, the online business accounting solutions from Zoho, now have a new feature to reduce the tedious process of charging recurring invoices to customers on a regular basis.

Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice have long had a recurring invoice function that sends a manually checked or fully automated

The new feature lets you charge your customer's credit card for recurring invoice payments on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

In the case of failed payments, Zoho Books/Invoice will then try to process the payment again after a few days, before suspending it (dunning).  

The ‘dunning process’ is defined by Wikipedia as:

“... the process of methodically communicating with customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable...

By: Andrew Wallace | April 07, 2014

With Zoho Books & Zoho Invoice you can now provide your customers with their own client portal so that they can review their payments, latest transactions and also provide them with the ability to make online payments.

All superb features that will help you to get paid quickly!

Zoho Books client portal - make it easier to pay online for small business services
The new client portal for Zoho Books or Invoice provide easy payment options for clients