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By: Patty | December 22, 2015

Building on from the last blog on using Task and Task List templates, the next step is to make templates of the whole project.

This is something that is common place when working in one vertical for example, whereby your projects consist of the same sort of milestones, same tasks each time.

You can even create the same forum topics and upload the same documents, for example, 'kick off' type documents or user guides for training. All can go into the project template to save the Project Manager time later on.

Examples of where this function can be of use are SEO projects, web development projects, Marketing projects, construction projects and many more.

Here's how Project Templates are created...

By: Patty | December 16, 2015

Creating tasks is already pretty quick in Zoho Projects but there comes a time when a project manager will need to add similar, frequently occurring tasks on similar projects and then you want to do this as quickly as possible to minimise admin time.

An example may be if you are a web design company and need to add certain tasks or groups of tasks that recur in different projects, but maybe not in every project.

Perhaps they pertain to specialised kinds of testing, or additional requirements for certain customers, but do not warrant being in a project template (see our next blog on the Zoho Projects functions for details of that!)

You can add these kinds of similar tasks via 'task and task list templates' in Zoho Projects, saving time and m...

By: Andrew Wallace | May 16, 2015

OK, so this is not a new function but is one of those features that is easy to miss so we thought we would run a quick blog about it! 

From time to time it is necessary to add tasks to your CRM that will appear as tasks in your project management software too. 

For example if you are a Project Manager with CRM access; or if a user in the CRM, perhaps a Sales Manager, is also involved in certain account management activities during a project lifecycle - you may need to track these tasks in both the CRM and the Project Management app.

It's pretty easy to do this in fact in Zoho CRM - when you add a task, simply click the Save and Add to Zoho Projects button!

Zoho CRM in integrated with Zoho Projects online project management software
Add tasks to your project direct from Zoho CRM

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