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By: Allan | March 26, 2015

I was going to develop the title with “new and easier” and if you are an existing Zoho Projects user you will know what I mean.

Without going into any details all I will say was that document management in Zoho Projects was clunky and leave it at that! 

Now we have an authentic, real deal document management application built into Zoho Projects. And it is powered by Zoho Docs.

Document management in Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects now has a full blown document management module

By: Andrew Wallace | August 04, 2014

Mail merge as a function that helps sales and other staff  in your business has been around for a while and Zoho CRM has had a mail merge function for a few years, integrating its online word processor app, Zoho Writer.

However, many users in our experience seem to overlook the fact it is there and we think Zoho CRM users could certainly make better use of it, to merge data in the CRM into printable documents, which can then be mailed to leads or customers.

The mail merge feature is fully built into Zoho CRM and is available as a Zoho Writer integration and also as a Zoho CRM plug in for Microsoft Office.

Zoho Writer allows you to use a normal web browser to create and share documents online.

Zoho CRM is a fantastic small business CRM solution
Zoho CRM Mail Merge decreases time spent on mundane documentation tasks

By: Andrew Wallace | May 06, 2014

Zoho CRM has for a while now had a Document Management module as standard that provided the means to upload and store / share documents between sales, marketing and support users.

These documents could be such things as sales contracts, marketing brochures, invoices and so on.

Now though, Zoho have gone a step further to introduce chat collaboration and real time editing in this module, utilising some of the features available in their online document management solution, Zoho Docs.

Zoho CRM online CRM software no has an inbuilt document management module
Zoho CRM provides real time collaboration on Sales and Marketing documents