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By: Andrew Wallace | November 05, 2015

There are many ways to arrange your content on business websites, from menus and submenus, breadcrumbs, columns, and also tabs.

Zoho Sites has functions that cover all of these and it has never been easier to use, simply drag and drop the 'element' into the page you are working on and you're done!


The option to add Tabs of content is a fairly new addition to the Zoho Sites function suite and is one that might suit pages that need to contain a lot of information, without forcing the reader to scroll through reams and reams of text.

For example, product descriptions, that might contain a summary, then details of the dimensions, weights, other specs as well as performance criteria and so on.

To add Tabs to your content page in Zoho Sites is ea...

By: Allan | October 10, 2014

Until a few years ago building websites required a lot of HTML & CSS page building and editing technical knowledge.

Jump forward to today and there are many excellent Website Content Management Systems (WCMS) to select from that make building and publishing websites much easier.

Note the term “much easier”.

Whilst WCMS suppliers push hard that no technical expertise is required and that it is so easy to develop, or redevelop, your own company website, do you, as a small business owner, really have the time, inclination, and the design skills, to do so?

At Mangoho, the official Zoho partner for Wales, we think that your time would be better spent developing new customers and increasing the loyalty of your existing ones, and leave the develo...