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By: Andrew Wallace | August 23, 2017

Mangoho are proud to have helped setup the business software infrastructure for a local sea swimming business in Pembroke, Swim Pembrokeshire.

Swim Pembrokeshire is run by a couple of local lads who have a passion for the outdoors and marine environment and who are both pool and open water qualified coaches. Pembrokeshire is one of the most beautiful parts of Wales and boasts the only marine coastal park in the UK, with hundreds of miles of pristine and wild coastline, cliffs and beautiful beaches.

Sea swimming is becoming hugely popular and Swim Pembrokeshire already has a following of hardy sea swimmers who all meet every week and swim the local bays and beaches as well train to compete in many local and national sea swimming and triathlon events.

Website Development Using Zoho Sites

The Swim Pembrokeshire website was developed using Zoho Sites, Zoho's online website content management app, which allows the owners of Swim Pembrokeshire to directly update their website content as they need, without relying on an IT company to make changes.

This is especially useful for them as they post regular blogs to the website, which they use to publish swimming tips, kit reviews and event updates. This includes not only content but images and even videos, which they make themselves using a GoPro when swimming in the open ocean.

Zoho Sites website content management software for small businesses
The Swim Pembrokeshire website was developed using Zoho Sites

Member Management Using Zoho CRM

Swim Pembrokeshire also needed a system to be able to manage member details as well as custom data such as swimming level, areas for improvement, membership type and so on.

For this we setup Zoho CRM, Zoho's customer relation management app, which is perfect for member management scanrios like clubs and organisations. It allows easy listing and categorisation of members according to swimming level or membership type, location, age or any other criteria. From there members can be printed out, address labels designed, or they can be mass emailed quickly and efficiently allowing the guys to do more of what they love, swimming in the ocean!

Email Marketing Using Zoho Campaigns

Swim Pembrokeshire often send out blog announcements drawing members to their blog posts or to their Facebook page, for this they needed to be able to mass mail members quickly and easily and also get an idea of whether their emails were being received.

For this we recommended Zoho Campaigns, the email marketing app from Zoho which integrates to Zoho CRM. The best part is that they can make use of the free version until their club membership grows, so effective communication to all of the sea swimming club members has never been easier or more cost effective.

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