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By: Andrew Wallace | May 09, 2017

The Zoho suite of small business software comprises over 25 apps, from CRM to email marketing; from Recruitment to Accounting.

Another little known but great online business app is Zoho Meeting, which is Zoho's cloud based online meeting software.

We're all well used to or at least getting used to using Skype to communicate for day-to-day business matters, but Skype is primarily a 1-1 video tool and in our experience tends to struggle on group video calling; plus it is not designed for example to host online webinars that require registration and also presentation control.

Zoho Meeting Functions

Zoho Meeting has actually been around for some time and is free for basic functionality on a 1-1 basis.

Zoho Meeting is designed for group conferencing purposes, where the following functions are needed:

  • Ability to call multiple people in any location, for example the Pro license allows up to 10 participants
  • Change Presenter - switch from one presenter to another for more dynamic presentations/meetings
  • Give Control - allow participants to take control of your desktop
  • Embed Meeting Widget - click to meet widget can be embedded in your business site or support portal allowing fast and easy access to customers
  • Meeting Reports - get reports on meetings, dates
  • User Management - add other users to your organisation so your team can also utilise Zoho Meeting for online meetings and collaboration

Recent Enhancements

Zoho have made the following additional enhancements to Zoho Meeting:

  • Enhancements to the 'Meet Now' function in Zoho CRM - click to meet functionality right from your Customer Relationship Management software.
  • Cancellation management.
  • Beefed up security measures.
  • Plugin for WebRTC unsupported browsers - Zoho are moving to browser based meetings to make it as globally usable as possible.
  • Improved connection speed and stability - always a concern with any online meeting software!
  • Enhancements made for phone audio - you can select to use phone or computer audio.
  • Various bug fixes.

Implement Zoho Software Suite in Your Business

Zoho is perfectly suited to all kinds of businesses of all sizes.

If you are interested in this or indeed any other of the extensive and growing suite of online business software from Zoho, please contact us here for a no obligation, no hassle consultation on how Zoho can benefit your business.  

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