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By: Andrew Wallace | February 16, 2017

Zoho Subscriptions, the online recurring subscription management software from Zoho, now integrates with UK based GoCardless, to allow you to integrate and track direct debit subscription payments.

In fact, this integration is also available in Zoho Books (small business accounting software), Zoho Invoice (online invoicing software AND Zoho Inventory (online inventory management software).

Direct debit integration with Zoho Subscriptions

So how does this benefit your business?

By using the GoCardless platform, you are able to accept customer payments more easily. 

Your customers can easily setup direct debit madates and then settle your invoices, eg. recurring subscriptions, via a link in the email that gets sent to them automatically for example in Zoho's subscription management software Zoho Subscriptions.

Customers can click the link and then enter their account details via the GoCardless platform to enable direct debit payment and tracking.

They can also do all of this via the 'customer portal', which is an online space for them to keep track of their details as well as payments made.

GoCardless integration to Zoho finance apps
Zoho Finance apps now integrate to GoCardless for direct debit management

What's the cost?

The cost is free within Zoho. GoCardless may have their own pricing platform based on a transaction fee structure depending on the size of the payments being made.

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