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By: Andrew Wallace | September 19, 2018

Zoho Desk, the online helpdesk solution from Zoho, now has a timer function where support agents can either manually or automatically time the work taken to do customer support tickets.

Zoho Desk online helpdesk software
Zoho Desk timer function allows support agents to accurately time support work

The function is very cool and has been a long-standing request of Zoho and in their usual open minded way Zoho have listened to customer feedback and implemented this feature.

It allows agents to select the timer start button manually while they're working on a ticket or in the administration panel you can opt to do this automatically as soon as the ticket is opened, which gives an even more efficient way of timing work.

There are also features that will stop the timer if there is no activity for more than a defined period.

Zoho Desk online support portal software
Manual or automated timing functionality

The end result of this accurate timing of support tickets is that you can run more accurate reports to show time taken on each individual customer and their support to kids but more importantly if you run a chargeable support platform then you are able to integrate Zoho Desk with Zoho Invoice and create invoices based on the time taken on tickets. this allows you to use a far more accurate billing system which your customers will love.

Zoho Desk invoicing integration
Zoho Desk allows you to link to billable invoicing functionality

Zoho Desk is a powerful and affordable online helpdesk solution for small to medium businesses.

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