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By: Andrew Wallace | November 01, 2017

Getting the right business information at the right time, quickly and efficiently often presents a problem, especially when you are out of the office.

Not any more.  Introducing the new Zoho Reports mobile app enhanced features.

Zoho Reports is the powerful online business intelligence (BI) app from Zoho that can integrate to Zoho CRM or the Zoho Finance suite and provides a robust platform to slice and dice data in a wide variety of formats, from tables, charts, reports, dashboards, pivots and more.

It also allows you to import data from many other sources, not just Zoho office solutions: xls, csv, html, cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive, external SQL databases, cloud databases and more. The  possibilities are endless and it can be used in all areas of your business.

Zoho Reports mobile app
Zoho Reports now has a powerful new mobile app

The mobile app has been available for some time but Zoho have recently release enhanced features as outlined below.

Easy and fast access to reports and commonly accessed data/dashboards/favourites:

Zoho Reports online business reporting app

Tap charts or data points on graphs to view underlying  data and drill down on further segments:

Data mining using Zoho Reports

Share and collaborate on reports:

Share reports with colleagues using Zoho Reports

These functions go a long  way to providing the kind of desktop functionality that makes the mobile Zoho Reports app hard to beat. It allows you to access, drill down, share, collaborate and export you data from anywhere, any time; and we think this app is a must for anyone who is already a user of Zoho Reports.

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