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By: Andrew Wallace | August 16, 2016

Zoho CRM interface updates 2016
Zoho CRM has had a completely new user interface and tonnes of new features your sales team will love!

So at long last it's here... the new user interface for Zoho CRM!

Zoho CRM has just had a complete overhaul and is now available for general usage and feedback. If you have not already noticed you will be able to switch to the new interface using the link at the top of your CRM. 

Click the link to see your CRM transformed into a fantastic new format, including new functionality, which includes:

  • Filtering by various criteria whilst still on the record list page
  • Powerful searching with on screen, interactive keyword searches
  • Better graphs on reports
  • Kanban style record displays so you can see related records whilst looking at Tasks and other information
  • Email Insights - get insight on who reads your emails, what email templates are the most popular etc
  • Gamescope - gamify your sales process to reward your best sales staff, get points for adding notes, tasks, calls and deals.

Personally I find the new searching function one of the most useful and best features of the new interface as it is very intuitive and cuts down so much time finding the information you need.

fast searching in the new Zoho CRM user interface
The new search filters in Zoho CRM are awesome
New UI for Zoho CRM has searchable criteria to help find data quickly
Use search criteria to find your data more quickly in Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM chart functions display data in a concise summarised format
New charting functions in the reports module allow you to really let your imagination go!
Zoho CRM mobile apps are powerful apps for your mobile sales people
Zoho CRM mobile apps and iCal Synch

Plus loads of new features such as

  • 'Sales Inbox' for email tracking
  • Sales Signals that show you in real time when customers are on your website and what they said in surveys, 
  • iCal synching
  • Scheduling of routine administration and data cleaning and much, much more.

So much more in fact that we thought you would like to watch it on Zoho's summary video, which gives a good insight into what you're in for!

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