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By: Allan | April 01, 2015

As many of you know we use Zoho Campaigns for our newsletters, press releases, special offers, new Zoho product announcements and updates, tips and tricks for Zoho apps. and invites to events. 

Whilst it was a sound enough email marketing tool to start with, it did have a few quirks. But over the years they have been ironed out and an enormous amount new functionality has been added.

We think it should now be the online, multi-user, email marketing solution of choice for all small businesses especially as it comes with Zoho CRM & social media integration.

With Zoho Campaigns you can create, send & track email and social media campaigns and there is an excellent in built contact manager into which you import contacts and create and reach out to segmented mailing lists. 

Yes, I know that was a long introduction to get to the new and improved sign up features. Here we go:

Zoho Campaigns subscription form features.
Zoho Campaigns now has improved subscriber sign up forms

Forms that complement your website

The sign up forms are now customizable and can now the match the design of your website or blog. 

Furthermore you can add them to your Zoho Campaigns template library so that you can use them again.

Single form with multiple pages

You can now have the same sign up form on your blog and at the website and with the new visitor tracking features you can also review which page receives more subscribers from your campaign(s). 

Improved segmenting & targeting

You now have the ability to, for example, segment subscribers that only signed up from your blog and, using a new Zoho Campaigns’ field, target a campaign to them. And of course some of you will have identified that this feature will also give you the opportunity for improved website A/B tests as you can publish one form with two page variants and compare the subscription statistics. 

More features to increase subscriptions

In addition to only displaying the form at your website you can now introduce a subscription button, a QR code, or a shortened URL. And these features can be also published on your Facebook pages.

Facebook forms

You can now develop your form in Zoho Campaigns and automatically publish it in your Facebook business page and the subscriptions will be imported into your mailing lists. 

Today growing your subscriber base has to be one of the major roles of anyone in charge of marketing. Discover how Zoho Campaigns and the new sign up form can assist your company grow your subscribers and improve segmentation and targeting by contacting us today or drop us a note to info at mangoho dot com.

Carefully crafting online business solutions for our Zoho clients in the U.K. is at the heart of what we do at Mangoho.

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