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By: John | August 10, 2013

Mobile devices are being used more and more. We do everything on them.  Receiving email is just one of the daily tasks we all do and take for granted.

Zoho Campaigns, the powerful and affordable online email marketing solution from Zoho now includes mobile friendly email templates as standard.  But what does “responsive” mean?

This means that the email, how it is formatted on the screen, the sizing of the images and placement of the content of the email, looks great on any device including tablets, smartphones and of course desktops and laptops.

The advantages with this of course are that your open rates will be much higher as people can access your emails on the go, from their mobile devices, instead of the email waiting for them in their inbox slowly getting swamped by other emails.

Zoho Campaigns is an online email marketing solution for small businesses
Zoho Campaigns provides mobile friendly email templates

Why not give Zoho Campaigns a try? It is free for up to 500 subscribers and good for up to 2,500 emails a month.  The paid versions are extremely competitively priced and provide integration to social media (so your campaigns are published there too, further increasing exposure) and basically provide a very solid platform on which to carry out effective email marketing campaigns.

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