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By: Patty | October 04, 2016

I went on the train the other day on a business trip and was wondering how I can log my expenses on the go.

Then I remembered that we use Zoho Expense within our business. Problem solved!

Zoho expense allows you to add expenses such as travel, meals and other costs whilst your on the go, using your mobile device.

So, keen to capture all of the expenses for the day before forgetting them or losing the receipts, I used to Zoho Expense to log my expenses by snapping a picture of the receipt and logging the basic information including the expense amount and category and date.

And with that, zapped it in to the Cloud in just a few clicks!

All of the expense information is updated in the central database and can be accessed immediately by the accountant back in the office. Thus there is no need for me to get back to the office and laboriously key in the information.

Zoho expense is the small business expense tracking application from Zoho.

  • Add expenses
  • Categorise expenses
  • Capture receipts
  • Send receipts from email
  • Report on expenses
  • And more...

Please contact us for more information here about Zoho Expense

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