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By: Andrew Wallace | November 12, 2013

In today's hyper fast, hyper connected world of mobile devices, apps and a mind boggling array of communication channels it's easy to become overloaded with communications from all of these channels, not least of all our old friend, email.

Even with the advance of so many communication apps, email client software really has not advanced all that much and, especially if you work primarily using email, then keeping it all organised can rapidly turn into a nightmare.

Add to this the fact that staff come and go and may well not keep all their client emails logged in a central location and you can see how easy it is to lose critical communications.

As a result we're seeing an increase in the number of requests to record client email communications within Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM is just one of over 25 online business solutions from Zoho, as it happens Zoho Mail is another.  Zoho Mail is a hosted email solution that is great for small businesses, with a lifetime free version with up to 5 mailboxes and 5 GB per user.

That's not all...

Zoho Mail is integrated with Zoho CRM via the 'Zoho CRM mail addon', which allows you to keep an entire history of your outgoing and incoming email communications with your clients, all inside Zoho CRM.  

It can even be used if you already have an existing email hosting provider and do not want to change.

This means that you never have to waste time finding that all important email from such and such a person, or that contract that your latest client sent, or the meeting plans for closing your next deal... they will always be inside Zoho CRM, logged neatly in the 'Emails' section of the lead or contact.

There are many more advantages... 

  • Send emails directly from within the CRM using the lead or contact you are working with, 
  • View emails from within the CRM
  • Centralise all information, 
  • Share emails with other users, 
  • Combine multiple email accounts,
  • Backups of important client emails for users who leave your organisation (this is a great feature!)

And it's easy to set up too - in just a few clicks you can get started.

But hey, don't worry, we won't go on and on here.... why not watch it on Zoho's own video?!

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