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By: Andrew Wallace | May 11, 2017

Zoho Docs is an online document management system that allows businesses to securely store all of their documentation in one central place without the need for expensive hardware or software. It does this by storing the documents in the cloud using the Zoho's secure online platform, you do not need any hardware or software or any IT team to set it up, which makes it very attractive to small businesses.

Document Management app Zoho Docs from Zoho for small businesses
Zoho Docs document storage and version tracking functionality is perfect for the healthcare industry

Zoho Docs is the perfect solution for clinics or healthcare organisations that need to create, store and collaborate on numerous documents on a daily basis. For example, patient meeting records and notes, drug subscriptions, x-rays, memos and other internal documentation, patient newsletters and information leaflets and much more.

Ensure Patient Confidentiality

Any clinic or healthcare practise gathers huge amounts of information on its patients, all of which needs to be kept confidential and secure. These documents can come in many formats: images, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, even audio files of dictated session notes. Zoho Docs is ISO 27001 and SOC-2 compliant to industry specific standards and provides a secure platform for all such file types and documentation.

Detailed Access Control

Using Zoho Docs you can easily control who sees what within your organisation. For example, you can restict patient diagnosis reports so they are visible only to the relevant doctors and patient; or you can include administrative staff if needed.

Audit Trail

Zoho Docs will keep all versions of all files on its platform whenever something is updated. It will also automatically log who accesses, edits or deletes the files.  This allows you to check and control on who accesses the documentation and who does what.

Data Storage

Keep all of your clinic documentation in one central location. Organise files into folders and sub folders. Find patient information as well as any referral documentation during patient sessions quickly and easily.

Multiple File Types

Zoho Docs supports over 160 file formats, which is perfect in an industry that uses many of these!  Upload and preview MRI scans, EOB reports, treatment course prescriptions, and even ultrasound images.

Send Scanned Files Directly to Zoho Docs

Save your scanned documents - for example, invoices, handwritten patient notes, diagrams etc - directly to the Zoho Docs platform. Use the 'Email-In' functionality to email scanned documents to a unique Email ID generated for your account. The documents will go straight to your Zoho Docs account.

Collaborate and Maintain Transparency

Your Zoho Docs folders can be embedded in an internal intranet for collaboration by team members; or even in your website if you have a specific folder that you want to use to share documentation with patients, for example interesting articles and research.

Collaborate online using Zoho Docs to share relevant information between departments - insurance, finance, legal, various medical/treatment departments, pharmacy etc. Even share health reports with your patients online by using links to their folders so they can refer to them whenever they need, in real time.

Synch to Desktop

All of the Zoho Docs functionality is available with nothing but a browser, or if you prefer, on your desktop. This way you can open, edit, save, delete, move files around on your computer desktop and it will automatically be synchronised in the cloud. This is especially useful if for example doctors or clinic adminsitrators need quick and easily edit capabilities and prefer to use their Windows interface.

Zoho Docs online document storage app for businesses
Zoho Docs cloud storage means all of your files can be centralised and secure

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